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Unicorn Density Tower Science Experiment for Kids

This unicorn density tower science experiment is a fun way to learn about the different densities of liquid and other objects dropped into the tower.

My daughter loves unicorns and I like finding ways to encourage her to participate in science, so this density tower uses unicorn colors and toys.

You’ll find this in our printable 30 Day of Science Activities Plan as well as our Ocean Zone Density Tower experiment.

Jar with liquid layers of different colors and unicorn figures for density tower experiment.

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Unicorn Density Tower Science Activity

If your kids love unicorns, they will have a blast making this density jar.

This makes a fun science fair demonstration for kids too!

My daughter did this experiment for her second grade science fair project and displayed the unicorn density jar as well. We kept the cap on though so there weren’t any hands-on demonstrations for those attending.

They may also enjoy our other unicorn activities like making a Unicorn Paper Bag Puppet, playing with pink oobleck in a unicorn sensory bin, or practicing counting with unicorns.

Unicorn Density Tower Science Activity Discussion

Before you begin, ask your child how far they think the unicorns (or any other small objects used) will sink in the jar.

After conducting the unicorn experiment, ask your child to share their observations with you.

Were the results surprising?

You can also have them draw a picture of this experiment and record the results.

This unicorn density tower science experiment is perfect to conduct with kids. Younger kids can observe as an adult prepares everything.

Older children can assist with mixing the colors, layering the liquids in the jar, and dropping the unicorns into the jar.

Supplies needed for making a unicorn density tower. Includes water, honey, vegetable oil, food coloring, and unicorn toy.

Unicorn Density Tower Activity Supplies

How to Do the Unicorn Density Tower Science Experiment

A density jar is arranged with the most dense liquids on the bottom, and the least dense on the top.

This simple version has three layers, although you can add additional layers, if desired.

First you need to prepare the liquids.

Dye your honey or corn syrup a light blue.

Dye your water pink.

Leave the vegetable oil yellow.

Pink and blue density layers in jar for kids science experiment.

Now, it’s time to fill up the jar. Start by filling your jar 1/3 of the way with honey.

Next fill it 1/3 of the way with water and finally 1/3 of the way with oil.

Allow the mixture to settle.

Once the layers separate, drop the unicorn figures (these are the unicorns we have) into the density jar and see how dense they are compared with the liquid layers.

If you have several types of unicorn toys, like a unicorn squishy, a unicorn eraser, and a plastic unicorn, drop them all in and compare their densities.

Density tower jar filled with blue, pink, and yellow layers. Unicorn toy stands next to the jar.

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