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Easy Tissue Paper Apple Craft

As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp, there’s a certain magic that makes this season perfect for crafting.

As part of our extensive collection of tissue paper crafts for kids, this tissue paper apple craft stands out for its simplicity and charm. What makes it even more appealing is the free printable craft template that accompanies it.

This activity is perfect for preschool and fits well into letter of the week activities or an apple-themed unit.

White and black text on light green background that covers the upper section of the image says Tissue Paper Apple Free Printable Template. Below is a photo of two complete craft projects. The left apple is green and the right apple is red.

This easy fall craft is not only great for preschoolers and kindergartners, but it can also be used for an apple-themed unit or as a letter of the week craft for the letter Aa.

Using our apple craft, you can discuss the life cycle of an apple, its importance to wildlife and humans, and even the concept of seasons.

It’s also a great way to introduce and discuss different types of apples and their colors, promoting early science and vocabulary development.

It’s a simple yet effective way to introduce these topics in a way that’s enjoyable and memorable.

More Tissue Paper Crafts

I love the simplicity and affordability of tissue paper crafts. Plus, they are a great way to keep kids entertained while helping them practice their fine motor skills.

Here are some other projects you can create with them:

Why Should Preschoolers Make Crafts?

Making crafts with preschoolers and kindergartners is a fantastic way to foster creativity while helping them develop essential skills.

This apple craft provides kids an opportunity to practice fine motor skills as well as encourages their imagination and connection to other subjects they are learning about.

Two complete tissue paper apple crafts. Each sheet of paper is tilted and they overlap slightly. One apple is made with green tissue paper and the other is made with red crumpled tissue paper.

Cutting or ripping tissue paper squares and gluing them onto the template helps strengthen their fine motor abilities, which are important for tasks like writing and dressing themselves.

Additionally, tracing the word “apple” at the bottom of the template can reinforce word recognition, handwriting, and spelling.

Let their creativity blossom as they engage in this fun and educational activity!

Why Are Fine Motor Activities Important for Children?

Engaging young children in a variety of fine motor activities is crucial for their development. These activities, such as the tissue paper apple craft, help strengthen their hands and fingers, thus improving their dexterity.

As they manipulate small pieces of tissue paper, they learn to control their hand movements, a skill that is essential in performing everyday tasks such as writing, buttoning clothing, or using utensils. Moreover, these activities can enhance hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

As children progress and their fine motor skills improve, they will gain confidence in their abilities, fostering their independence and readiness for more complex tasks.

Overhead view of printed out apple craft template. Piles of pre-cut red, dark green, and green tissue paper along the right side. A bottle of glue is laying pointing towards the apple outline.

Tissue Paper Apple Craft Supplies

Our Tissue Paper Apple Craft uses materials that are easy to find and you likely already have at home, making it convenient as well as fun. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

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  • Tissue Paper Apple Craft Printable Template: This is a free template that you can easily print off. It is available using the form at the end of this post. Having a template to follow makes the craft more manageable for little hands.
  • Red and Green Tissue Paper: These colors give a realistic touch to your apple craft. If you don’t have tissue paper, you could substitute it with construction paper or even old magazines.
  • Glue Stick or Liquid Glue: Either one will work for this project. Glue sticks are less messy which can be a plus with younger children.
  • Pencil or Marker: This is for tracing the word ‘apple’ at the bottom of the craft. It’s a great way to combine art with language learning.

Remember, this craft is all about creativity and learning, so if you don’t have one or two items on this list, feel free to improvise with what you do have!

How to Make the Tissue Paper Apple Craft

Get started on this exciting preschool craft with our free apple template – all you need to do is print it out!

Pieces of tissue paper and a bottle of glue are around a craft template worksheet. Pieces of paper have started to be glued onto the paper.

Once that’s done, kids can get creative by cutting or ripping up different colored pieces of tissue paper and gluing them onto the shape.

For extra convenience, you can purchase pre-cut tissue paper squares.

Half of apple template has been covered with red tissue paper.

There are a few different ways little crafters can approach their tissue paper apples.

They can scrunch up the tissue paper before gluing it down, giving the apple more texture with the various pieces sticking up.

Or, the tissue paper can be glued down flat in a mosaic style, covering the template.

Printable apple craft template covered in light green tissue paper that has been glued down flat, overlapping in places.

Finally, don’t forget to practice tracing the word ‘apple’ at the bottom for handwriting and spelling practice.

Finished tissue paper apple, covered in red paper. A red marker was used to trace the word "apple" at the bottom. The marker is laying partially over the paper.

After the apple completely dries, you can cut it out and hang it up!

Should Preschoolers Practice Handwriting?

Yes! It’s important for preschoolers to practice their handwriting skills because it helps develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and reading skills.

Additionally, practicing handwriting at a young age lays a strong foundation for future writing tasks and promotes cognitive development.

Additional Apple Learning Activities

This tissue paper apple craft forms an excellent centerpiece for any fall-themed or apple unit, providing an engaging, hands-on approach to learning.

Whether you’re exploring the changing seasons, studying the life cycle of an apple tree, or focusing on the letter ‘A’, this craft fits seamlessly into your curriculum.

In addition to the apple craft, we offer a range of other activities that are perfect for an apple unit. For instance, our Parts of an Apple printable activity is a fantastic resource. This tool not only reinforces the concept of parts of a whole but also introduces children to scientific vocabulary relating to plants.

Children have the opportunity to learn while enjoying a calming activity with these apple life cycle coloring pages from Living Life and Learning.

Incorporate math with a fun apple taste test using this apple graphing activity from Fun-A-Day.

Creating an apple unit can be as simple as picking and choosing from these activities!

Finished apple crafts made with tissue paper and a printable template. The papers lay side by side on a table.

With each activity designed to stimulate creativity and promote learning, the kids will have a blast while gaining a well-rounded understanding of the theme.

Remember, the purpose of these activities is to provide a fun, engaging learning experience – feel free to adapt and modify them to suit your specific needs and objectives.

Apple Books for Kids

To complement the hands-on learning and further immerse your students in the apple theme, we have curated a list of delightful apple-themed books.

These engaging reads will surely cultivate a love for literature in your young learners while reinforcing their knowledge about apples.

 Ten Apples Up On Top!Ten Apples Up On Top! Apple Picking Day! (Step into Reading)Apple Picking Day! (Step into Reading) Pete the Cat Falling for AutumnPete the Cat Falling for Autumn Eating the AlphabetEating the Alphabet Hello, World! How Do Apples Grow?Hello, World! How Do Apples Grow? Apples (New & Updated Edition)Apples (New & Updated Edition) Pinkalicious: Apples, Apples, Apples!Pinkalicious: Apples, Apples, Apples! Applesauce DayApplesauce Day


More Apple Crafts for Kids

If you’re looking for even more fun, hands-on activities to engage your young learners, look no further.

Here’s an exciting list of additional apple crafts that kids can create, fostering their creativity and keeping the apple fun going. Each craft is easy to make and perfect for little hands – let’s jump right in!

In wrapping up, remember that every activity, be it a simple craft or an adventurous taste test, is an opportunity for young minds to explore, learn, and grow.

The apple-themed activities and crafts compiled here not only spark creativity but also lay a sound foundation for educational concepts.

So whether you’re teaching the alphabet with an apple unit, or engaging little hands in crafting, the aim is to make learning fun and engaging. Happy apple learning!

Tissue Paper Apple Craft

Yield: 1
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5 or less

Make this easy tissue paper apple craft for a fun fall preschool activity!


  • Craft Template (use form at bottom of post)
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue


  • Scissors (optional)


  1. Print out the apple template.
  2. Rip or cut up pieces of tissue paper.
  3. Glue tissue paper onto the template.
  4. Trace the word "apple."

Did you make this project?

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Sunday 3rd of September 2023

Oh, my goodness! We made these when I was little! I remember all the glue and my fingers turning red from the tissue paper!

What fun! I am glad kids can still make simple crafts!

Thanks for sharing your post at the Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop 76!

SSBH 77 is now open!


Darcy Zalewski

Sunday 3rd of September 2023

Sometimes the simple crafts are the best! :) Thanks so much, Laurie!

Esmé Slabbert

Tuesday 29th of August 2023

These are so incredibly cute and I will share them with our daughter as she has a 2-year-old and he will soon be able to participate in these type of activities. I visited you via End of August Craftastic Monday Link Party I linked up this week with = 62+63. This is a friendly reminder and invitation to come and join us at SeniorSalonPitStop. You will find the linkup information under BLOGGING.

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