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Printable Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Add some fun dinner conversation with these printable Thanksgiving Would You Rather question cards for kids to answer.

You can use these for a fun family game at home, during dinner, over a video call, or in the car.

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Text at top of image says Printable Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions over black and yellow rectangles. Preview of two pages showing would you rather cards on background with a piece of pumpkin pie on a table.


Do your kids love answering would you rather questions? Mine do!

They are a great way to get conversations started too. When I’m having one on one time with one of my children and they don’t know what to talk about, I start asking these kinds of questions.

Mixing in silly, absurd Thanksgiving theme questions like Would you rather swim in a bowl of gravy or cranberry sauce? along with regular questions such as Would you rather have apple pie or pumpkin pie? are a big hit.

I love hearing which one they’d pick and the reasoning behind it when they choose to elaborate.

It’s also the perfect printable game to play with the kids in the car or at dinner because it focuses on social interaction rather than competition.

If you want to make it competitive, you can keep track of who answers what and see who shared the most answers with everyone else.

You can also use these printable would you rather Thanksgiving questions (available below) as creative writing prompts and have kids explain why they chose the answer they did.

Preview of six pages of printable would you rather question cards and cover page fanned out over fall themed photo background. Orange box with black text states Thanksgiving Would You Rather? Printable for Kids.

Have everyone take turns reading the question cards and sharing their answers. They can only pick one though, so no, BOTH is not an option! (Someone always tries to say both!)

When printing out the cards, I recommend using cardstock because it is more durable than regular printer paper. If you plan to use them multiple times or in a classroom setting, I highly suggest laminating them.

After laminating the question cards, use a hole punch and a book rings to take this game on the go. Besides using on trips, you could ask these questions and keep kids busy while waiting when out to dinner too.

They also look fine when printed in black and white if you want to save on color ink.

If you don’t want to print them out, just save the file so you can access it while on your phone or tablet and read off the questions.


This printable set includes 20 Thanksgiving themed would you rather question cards and how to play.

It is for your personal use or your classroom use only. Share this post with a friend or teacher who’d love to play this game with their kids and download their own copy.

If you love playing games with your kids as much as I do, then you must check out this list of board games for family game night too.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.