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Printable Halloween Would You Rather Questions for Kids

These printable Halloween themed Would You Rather question cards are fun for kids to answer. They make a great family game at home, during dinner, or in the car.

These would make a great addition to a Halloween party along with this Halloween scavenger hunt.

Want more? Don’t miss these Disney themed Would You Rather questions. We also have Thanksgiving and Christmas would you rather printable cards.

Two pages of Halloween would you rather printable cards on a spiderweb background. Text at top of image says Printable Halloween Would You Rather Questions.

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Halloween Would You Rather Questions Game

Kids love answering would you rather questions. They are a great conversation starter and can provide interesting insight into what your child likes and how they consider their options.

It’s also a lot of fun to see who else picks the same answer as you!

Plus, it’s the perfect game to play that’s not competitive since the focus is on social interaction.

If you wanted to make it competitive, then you can see who shared the most answers with someone else.

You could also use these printable would you rather Halloween questions (available below) as creative writing prompts and have kids explain why they chose the answer they did.

Everyone takes turns reading the question cards and sharing their answers. You can only pick one though, so no, BOTH is not an option! (Though if they are writing their answers, they probably could give reasons for both.)

Preview of printable set of Halloween Would You Rather questions for kids. Six pages fanned out on a light gray background. Orange box in foreground with black text stating what they are.

This printable game is portable, which makes it a great option for road trips or while on an airplane if you are flying.

All you need to do is print and cut the cards before you go. Even the driver can play along by answering the questions.

When printing out the cards, I recommend using cardstock because it is more durable than regular printer paper. If they’ll be used multiple times or in a classroom setting, I highly suggest laminating them.

After laminating the question cards, use a hole punch and a book rings to take this game on the go. Besides using on trips, you could ask these questions and keep kids busy while waiting when out to dinner too.

If you don’t want to print them out, just save the file so you can access it while on your phone or tablet.

Halloween Would You Rather Printable Cards

This printable set includes 20 Halloween themed would you rather question cards and how to play.

It is for your personal use or your classroom use only. Share this post with a friend or teacher who’d love to play this game with their kids and download their own copy.

If you love playing games with your kids as much as I do, then you must check out this list of board games for family game night too.

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Thursday 29th of October 2020

These Halloween printables look fun and extra fun this year since I don't think we'll be trick or treating. THanks!

Darcy Zalewski

Monday 2nd of November 2020

You're welcome, Scarlet! I hope you enjoyed using these!