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Rainbow Bag Writing Tray

The rainbow is a favorite with kids because who doesn’t like bright, happy colors?

You can make learning more fun by creating this rainbow in a bag writing tray that works for all sorts of early learning activities from math to reading and beyond.

Mess-free sensory writing activity with rainbow paint.

Don’t be surprised if kids ask to use this writing tray over and over again!

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How to Make the Rainbow Bag Writing Tray

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This project is a colorful and fun way to practice writing by gently scratching your fingers across it.

Kids can trace letters, numbers, and draw with this mess-free rainbow bag of paint.

Kids can practice making letters, sight words, numbers, spelling words, and all sorts of shapes and other educational materials.

School is fun when you can write on a rainbow!

Note: It helps to use a name-brand bag for this as the generic brands of baggies don’t close as securely.

You want to make sure your bag is completely sealed or else the writing bag can become a disastrous mess. You may want to secure the zip top with packaging tape, just in case.

Kids love sensory play, and another fun option is to make a Rainbow Salt Sensory Bin. Not only is it a great sensory experience, but kids can also use it to practice tracing letters and numbers.

Rainbow Bag Supplies:

Supplies you need to make a rainbow writing bag for kids.

Rainbow Writing Bag Directions:

Open the zipper baggie.

Squeeze out a glob of red paint in the very bottom. Smooth it out so it covers the bottom of the bag in a solid stripe.

Repeat for the other colors.

How to make the rainbow writing bag for learning activities.

Remove all the air from the bag and close it tightly.

Place the baggie on a table.

Show the kids how to draw letters, numbers, shapes, and anything else you want them to learn on the surface of the bag.

You can also use a cotton swab to draw, which will prevent nails from accidentally scratching the bag and letting the paint out.

Practice writing letters and numbers on the rainbow bag writing tray.

Ways you can use this rainbow writing bag activity:

  • Spelling words
  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Math problems
  • Sentence writing
  • Name writing
  • Color writing
  • Shape practice
  • Drawing

Kids of all ages will enjoy using this rainbow bag writing tray. It’s ideal for engaging preschool and kindergarten children in writing practice.

Add this fun learning activity to your writing and math centers or as part of your study unit on spring, weather, and rainbows.

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Trace numbers and letters on this rainbow bag writing tray.

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