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DIY Sight Word Family Flip Books for Kindergarten

When kids are learning to read, one way to help make it easier is to teach kids what is known as word families. A word family is a CVC (consonant vowel consonant) word that ends in the same letters, like “at” or “ig.”

Once kids recognize the word family, they can easily pronounce the letters in front of the word family, speeding the reading process and making reading a lot more fun. These word family flip books are a fun DIY solution to word families, and they are as fun to make as they are to use.

To practice tracing sight words, check out our Rock Star Themed Printable Sight Words Workbook.

Learn how to make your own word family flip books for kindergarten children

It’s an exciting time to watch as your emergent reader progresses! Before my daughter entered kindergarten, she knew a handful of sight words, but would get frustrated attempting to read aloud. As the school year went on, the list of sight words she knew grew.

As she progressed, she became more confident in reading and writing. Now, she attempts to sound out new words while reading and gets less frustrated. Learning word families definitely helped! Plus, my kids like saying rhyming words in succession.

Note: Our school refers to sight words as Word Wall Words. They kept sight words and other high frequency words posted on the Word Wall and used it throughout the school day. Visually seeing the progress as words were added was awesome. So, if you or your school uses a slightly different term, that is OK!

DIY Sight Word Family Flip Books for Kindergarten

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Make these fun little flip books for your students and watch as their reading ability soars! Making one of these books is just one of several fun ways to practice sight words at home.

If you’re looking for another fun way to encourage literacy and fine motor skills in your kindergartner, these sight word coloring pages are a great option. Not only will your child be reviewing important high frequency words, but they’ll also be having a blast while doing so.

What’s great about these pages is that they help with both reading and writing skills, making it a comprehensive activity for your little one.

Plus, coloring is a proven way to help with focus and attention to detail, which will come in handy when they go on to more complex writing tasks in the future.



How to make word family flip books

You can make the word family flip books as large or as small as you like. I wanted my version to be small enough for little hands to use alone. I cut a standard 8.5 X 11 piece of paper into eights and used that as the paper for the word families.

Easy word family flip books for kindergarten

Cut pieces of construction paper slightly larger than the letters that will be written on them.

Look up a list of word families and put the word family ending on the white paper, leaving a blank in the front for the other consonant letters.

Stack the first letter and flip through to practice word families

Write the other letters that complete the words in each family on the pieces of construction paper. Stack them up and glue them to the blank space on the white paper. Only glue the top of each paper so that they can be flipped up or down to make new words.

DIY Sight Word Families Flip Book

When the glue dries, give the books to your kindergarten kids. They will be delighted to play with them and it will help make reading a whole lot easier for new readers.

Here are some CVC words to get you started:

  • big, dig, gig, jig, pig, rig, zig
  • dip, sip, tip, zip
  • bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat
  • bug, dug, hug, lug, mug, pug, rug, tug
  • cop, bop, hop, mop, pop, top

We hope you and your child enjoy making and using DIY sight word family flip books. They are perfect for teaching emerging readers word families. As they flip through your DIY word family books, they will begin to recognize more words which will help as they learn to read.

These word family flip books are so easy to make! Looking for fun learning activities to help your kindergartner learn how to read? Make your own DIY sight word family flip book for kindergarten and preschool kids!

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