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Printable Mother’s Day Card for Kids to Color

This printable Mother’s Day card is perfect for kids to color and give to their mom.

It’s a quick and easy homemade card to give along with a gift (such as this tissue paper photo frame), flowers, or breakfast in bed.

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Top has white text outlined with black on a bright pink rectangle. Text reads Printable Mother's Day Card. Below text is a printed out card that says Happy Mother's Day colored in with blue and green marker. Words are surrounded by roses and small hearts colored in with crayons. Several crayons lay by card on table.

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Mother’s Day Printable Coloring Card

I love receiving homemade cards from my kids. Over the years, they have made all sorts of little masterpieces. What they write and draw can be so sweet, cute, and funny.

And seeing how their writing and drawing changes year to year. Oh gosh, I’m getting teary just thinking about it.

While my kids often enjoy making handmade cards from scratch, sometimes starting from a blank piece of paper is too much.

They also love to color, so I designed this Mother’s Day card so they could color in Happy Mother’s Day and several roses.

My daughter used markers to color in the words and metallic crayons for coloring the roses. It’s a simple project that even toddlers can have fun doing. Plus, coloring is a calming activity.

Over the shoulder view of white girl coloring the printable Mother's Day card with markers and crayons.

How to Print Out the Rose Mother’s Day Card for Coloring

First you will need to download and print out our printable card template (available for free using the form at the end of this post).

Select “fit” when printing. If you leave it to print at the actual size, it will be quite a bit smaller and need to be cut out from the paper.

It looks best when printed on white cardstock paper, but can also be printed on regular paper.

If you don’t want to print them out yourself, you may go some place such as a local print shop or Office Depot. I find it quite affordable to get a lot of my printables printed out that way, especially if I want a nicer thicker paper.

This printable Mother’s Day card is for personal use only, but you can save and print as many as you need to give to your friends and family. If you are a teacher, you may print enough for the students in your personal classroom.

Once it is printed out, line up the edges and fold in half. Trim the edges if needed.

Then color in the roses and words using crayons, markers, colored pencils, or gel pens. Inside the card is room to write a message and sign your name. There is even plenty of room to draw a picture if you wanted!

Colored in Mother's Day card laying on table with crayons laying next to it. Card says Happy Mother's Day! on front and has roses and hearts around it.

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