Monthly Archive:: February 2011


Scuttle Butt

Rissa nearly gave me a heart attack the other day. I had left her on the floor of the nursery while I quickly grabbed laundry from the dryer. This had been working out fine for awhile because the area is safe and she has some toys to occupy her. Is the whole


Beta Testing Toygaroo Toy Rental

[Update – They appear to have gone out of business.] I have to admit that I’m pretty excited to be a Toygaroo beta tester. It looks like an interesting service that could really take off! Let me start with my disclosures: I signed up to be notified when Toygaroo opened for business.


Breastfeeding Milestones

This week’s topic is milestones. Or, as I refer to them: boobie awards! I previously posted about achieving my three month milestone and have my sights set on achieving six months next. While I know I’d like to nurse for at least a year, it feels good to focus on the shorter


Cloth Diaper Newbie: One Month Review

<< Cloth Diaper Newbie: Day 2 We’ve been using cloth diapers full-time for a little over a month now. During that time I used one (maybe two) disposable diaper while we were away from the house. That was in the first few weeks and I didn’t have enough cloth diapers along in


Stressful Stroll aka How Many Limbs are Needed to Open a Stroller?

Last Thursday got to 50 degrees, which is pretty nice for February in Wisconsin. I was supposed to have a mommy date at the park that afternoon since we both have spring fever. Unfortunately her daughter was coming down with a cold, so we had to cancel. Despite this, I was still


Breastfeeding Blog Hop: Sweet Support Tips for Breastfeeding Mamas

This week’s topic is about Sweet Support. I can’t emphasize enough how important support is when you are breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed. I believe the most important person that needs to be supportive is your significant other. (For those that don’t have an SO helping, then a close family member or


Spring is Near

It’s so close, I can almost smell it! This weekend was pretty nice for February in Wisconsin. Sunday got to be about 45 degrees out. We took advantage of the warmer weather and finally got to use our stroller! We took a nice walk with Rissa. It was much needed. I like


Proud Mamas

After reading Crissy’s post, Bragging About Your Child at Dear Crissy, my mind was flooded with thoughts on the subject. I think it’s natural to be proud of your child’s milestones and accomplishments and want to tell everyone about them. First of all, our children quickly become our focal point and we’re excited


Breastfeeding Obstacles: Help! She Forgot How to Nurse!

I started breastfeeding Rissa within a few hours after she was born. She spent a lot of time at the breast during our two day stay at the hospital. The nurses and lactation consultants commented on what a good little nurser she was and complimented me on positioning and technique. They said


Breastfeeding: Nursing In…A Funeral Home?

I don’t have a lot of experience nursing in public even though I’ve been breastfeeding my daughter for three months. Until recently, the only places outside our home that I’d nurse were at the homes of family members. Mid-January that changed when we went out of town for my grandmother’s funeral. Along

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