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Scuttle Butt

Rissa nearly gave me a heart attack the other day.

I had left her on the floor of the nursery while I quickly grabbed laundry from the dryer. This had been working out fine for awhile because the area is safe and she has some toys to occupy her. Is the whole room baby safe yet? Well, no, but she’s not mobile enough (yet) to get into anything dangerous.

She reminded me that day is coming… soon.

As I approached the doorway of the nursery, my heart flip flopped in my chest.

She wasn’t laying where I’d left her.

Where could she go?

I could hear her squeals of delight as I rushed into the room, franticly looking around. (It’s a small room)

I found her a couple feet away, over by the changing table. I knew she hadn’t rolled there because she was on her back. She’s not to the point of rolling back to front to back again yet.

Then I noticed the dark marks in the carpet, like something was dragged across…

like her butt.

Did I forget to mention that she was “airing out” on top of a prefold? Yeah, the prefold was where I’d left them both, but she musta kept digging her heels into the floor and scooted backwards.

Those legs never stop moving. She wants to sit. She wants to stand. And she apparently wants to cruise around the floor!