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Breastfeeding: Nursing In…A Funeral Home?

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I don’t have a lot of experience nursing in public even though I’ve been breastfeeding my daughter for three months. Until recently, the only places outside our home that I’d nurse were at the homes of family members. Mid-January that changed when we went out of town for my grandmother’s funeral.

Along the way, we had to make stops for bathroom breaks, feedings, and diaper changes. A trip that normally would take my hubby and I three-ish hours to make took us four to five.

I finally had to break out of my comfort zone and nurse where ever as needed. I knew it’d happen sometime. Honestly, I was surprised it hadn’t happened yet. (Although we usually time trips to the store pretty well.)

My first time nursing in public was in the backseat of our car in a gas station parking lot, which was still fairly private. We also used the parking lot of a Walgreens and a bank.

Probably the most interesting place to nurse was at the funeral home. Between the family viewing and service, I made myself comfortable on a couch in the backroom where the coffee was located. Still somewhat private since few people were in there. The funeral director and another worker walked past a couple times and looked my way, but no one said anything. I did have a blanket framing Rissa’s head so it created more of a wall, but didn’t cover her head up.

After the service we went to a local restaurant to eat with everyone. We had a room off the main dining area, but I managed to nurse her at our table. My hubby helped hold the blanket up as I got one girl out and situated before draping it over my shoulder and her head. I needed his help again when switching sides.

I don’t really like covering her head up, but it doesn’t feel right to me to just do it out in the open. It makes me feel vulnerable for some reason. Maybe due to the stigma and negativity that’s been pushed onto nursing in public? I don’t mind “showing” so much once my daughter is latched, but I don’t like everyone watching as we get ready.

What about you – have you nursed in public? Does/did it make you feel uncomfortable?

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