She Rolled Over!

I just have to share this with you right away! A few minutes ago, Aerissa rolled over for the first time! I could barely believe it.

I put her down for tummy time on her play gym mat and got down on the floor with her like I usually do. She had her head up really good, looking around. Then I noticed how she kept looking at the mat to her left.

All of a sudden…

Whoop! Over she went, onto her back.

Of course, I, being a first time mama, am super proud of her. I cheered, clapped, kissed her and went to tell hubby.

Then I put her back on her belly.

It didn't take long before she did it again.. all the way from front to back!

Brian came into the living room just after she rolled over the 2nd time. I put her back onto her belly after another round of praises, but we didn't get to see a third one. She tried though! She grunted and strained, her body rocked to her side, but fell back onto her belly. Then she'd had about enough and started crying in frustration.

It's hard work after all….

Ahhh, the little moments!


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