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Valentine’s Day Charades

Want to add laughter and joy to your child’s Valentine’s Day? Give our Valentine’s Day Charades game a try! It’s the perfect addition to your holiday celebration, guaranteed to bring smiles and fun.

This jubilant and easy-to-play game is designed to create a delightful blend of entertainment and learning that can be enjoyed both at home or in a classroom setting.

Just imagine the giggles and excitement as kids act out playful prompts from our extensive list of printable games for kids, all in the spirit of the season. Whether they’re pretending to be Cupid or mimicking the act of giving a heartfelt Valentine, your little ones will boost their creativity and social skills without even realizing it!

Mockup of Valentine's Day charades printable cards laying on pink and purple papers.

Our Valentine’s Day charades is the perfect game for creating giggles and cherished memories across all age groups! With just a few adjustments, even the littlest ones can join in on the fun—you may need to simplify some of the prompts or lend them a helping hand.

It’s the ideal game for a heartwarming Valentine’s Day party that is kid-friendly and filled with themed learning. The joy of play knows no age limits, making each moment spent an unforgettable snippet of childhood wonder and friendship.

Valentine’s Day Charades Learning Benefits for Kids

Playing Valentine’s Day charades is not just a game—it’s a doorway to developing young minds! When your kids take turns guessing and acting out clues, they’re having a blast while also sharpening their creative problem-solving abilities.

They learn to think on their feet, using only their gestures and expressions to communicate—imagine the creativity that sparks! They also practice social skills, like taking turns and teamwork, as they work together to guess the prompts.

Preview of Valentine themed charades printable game surrounded by other valentine themed items such as pink cupcakes, paper in pink, red, and purple, and a notebook with hearts on it.

Printable Charades Games for Kids

Our collection of printable charades games for kids offers a wide range of themes, each with its own set of prompts. Whether it’s a holiday-themed game or one suitable for any time of year, these games are designed to captivate and engage young minds.

No more aimlessly searching for the perfect game – simply print and play to instantly share laughter and learning. Does your child have a flair for acting?

Do they enjoy showcasing their miming skills? Then they’ll absolutely love the endless fun and the opportunity to enhance their creativity and quick thinking that these charades games provide.

Charades BundleCharades BundleCharades Bundle


What’s Included in the Valentine Charades Printable

Our Valentine charades printable is packed with everything you need to quickly start the game! Inside, you’ll find 30 valentine-themed cards filled with words and phrases that’ll bring laughter and fun.

Plus, we’ve included 6 blank cards for personalized prompts. Imagine the joy on your child’s face when they draw a card you’ve created just for them.

Setup is easy; simply print, cut, and you’re ready for an enjoyable game. It’s amazing how much fun can be had with such little preparation!

Mockup with three charades card prompts with Valentine themed phrases. They are box of chocolates, candy hearts, bouquet of flowers.

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Recommended Items for Playing Charades

The main item you’ll need to start playing is our free printable Valentine’s Day Charades cards. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of the post to receive them.

To ensure lasting fun, consider laminating the cards for durability and reuse. If you don’t have a laminator, printing on cardstock paper is a great alternative.

Don’t forget a timer to keep the game fast-paced and exciting. Imagine the laughter as the kids race against time to act out their clues!

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How to Play Valentine’s Day Charades

Ready to jump into a game that’s both fun and sneakily educational? Playing Valentine’s Day Charades is as simple as can be!

All you’ll need to do is gather all the players and explain that the goal is to guess a word or phrase without speaking—only acting allowed! Each player takes a turn drawing a card from our cute, themed deck and performing for the audience.

Team Play or Casual Fun – You Decide!

Looking to add a unique twist to the traditional charades experience? Divide your young guests into teams and witness the excitement multiply! Only team members can guess when one of their own is performing – fostering team spirit and camaraderie.

Alternatively, for a more relaxed atmosphere, keep it casual and inclusive with no teams. Everyone takes turns in the spotlight, and anyone in the room can participate in the guessing.

This approach ensures that everyone feels included, from reserved individuals to enthusiastic participants. It’s the ideal way to create an engaging and inclusive environment.

Tips for Adapting the Game for Younger Players

Now, for our younger players, you might want to handpick a few easier prompt cards or quietly read the card to them. You can also allow them to use sound effects or grab a prop to help set the scene.

With the time limits removed, younger children can have more time without feeling pressured. It’s all about making memories and letting those little imaginations run wild—plus, with these little tweaks, kids of all ages can join in on the Valentine’s Day fun!

One page of Valentine charades on a stack of fanned out papers in pink, purple, and red colors. A few wrapped chocolates and pencils laying next to it.

Additional Valentine’s Day Learning Activities for Kids

Now that you’ve got the giggles going with Valentine’s Day Charades, why not add a sprinkle more of learning magic to the mix?

Imagine your kiddos diving into a whole array of Valentine-themed activities that are not only sweet and packed with love but also chock-full of educational goodness.

From sensory play to creative writing prompts that encourage heartfelt expressions, each activity is a chance to learn, grow, and celebrate the joy of the season.

Our tissue paper heart craft worksheet is not just a delight to the eyes, but it’s also a fantastic way to strengthen your little ones’ fine motor skills.

Spark your child’s senses with an enchanting Valentine sensory bin, filled to the brim with colorful rice, heart-shaped treasures, and soft, fluffy pom-poms. It’s the perfect mix of texture and playful discovery that will keep little hands busy.

Discover an exciting way to introduce uppercase and lowercase letters to your little ones with this enchanting Valentine’s Day letter puzzles. They are designed to make letter-matching a heart-filled adventure!

Stir up your child’s imagination with Valentine’s Day writing prompts that turn composing into a heartwarming affair! Watch as they craft their own love-filled tales and express their sweetest thoughts through the power of written words.

Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

Snuggling up with a good book isn’t just cozy—it’s also a fantastic way to round out your Valentine-themed learning adventure!

As they flip through Valentine’s Day books, they immerse themselves in enchanting stories that reinforce the themes of love and kindness. Each tale goes beyond being just a story; they also introduce new vocabulary, spark imagination, and nurture empathy.

Franklin's ValentinesFranklin’s ValentinesFancy Nancy: Heart to HeartFancy Nancy: Heart to HeartLittle Critter: Happy Valentine's Day, Little Critter!Little Critter: Happy Valentine’s Day, Little Critter!Pete the Cat: Valentine's Day Is CoolPete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is CoolThe Night Before Valentine's DayThe Night Before Valentine’s DayLove from The Very Hungry Caterpillar (The World of Eric Carle)Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar (The World of Eric Carle)


Valentine Crafts for Kids

Engaging in arts and crafts is not only a fun and enjoyable activity, but it also offers numerous benefits, such as enhancing motor skills, fostering creativity, and promoting cognitive development.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, take the opportunity to spend quality time with your kids and create lasting memories through these delightful Valentine’s Day craft projects.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for laughter, learning, and love—and our Valentine’s Day Charades brings all three to your living room or classroom. Transform this day of hearts into a festival of fun-filled gestures and guesses that everyone, from the tiniest tot to the greatest grandparent, can enjoy.

As you watch the joy unfold with each round of playful pantomime, you’ll know you’re creating more than just moments – you’re making treasured memories. Ready to get started? Fill out the form below and download your free printable Valentine’s Day Charades cards today.