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Printable Superhero Themed Charades Game for Kids

This superhero themed charades for kids printable game is a fun family activity that’s easy to start playing with minimal prep.

The charades game is such a classic and I love how easy it is to adapt for different ages and themes. It’s a great choice at birthday parties and even at school.

Use these printable ideas for charades for a family game night or for added fun while watching a superhero movie marathon!

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Black text on light blue reads Printable Superhero Charades for Kids above image of printed out pages with come clues cut apart and laying next to uncut page.

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How to Play Superhero Charades Game

Kids can practice creativity and nonverbal communication skills while playing charades. It’s an easy party game that can be played almost anywhere (including outside!).

My kids love superheroes. They like to read and write stories about them, watch superhero movies and shows, and pretend play that they have special powers.

Since they enjoy pretending to be superheroes, I thought they’d have a blast playing a game of charades with superhero related prompts.

What You Need to Play Superhero Charades

The main item you need (besides players) are clues!

To save you some time, we have a printable superhero charades word list with over 30 clues of superhero names, actions, and items available in our printable library. (It’s file #135 – get the password for free access by filling out the form at the bottom of this post).

Close overhead view of about eight superhero charades clues cut out from the printable set. Each card has a red, orange, blue, and white border with the word prompt text in the middle. Visible clues include: casting a spell, turn into the Hulk, running super fast, and throwing a shield.

You can easily make your own version of superhero charades using prompts from your family’s favorite movies and comic book characters and write them on slips of paper instead.

Other helpful items:

Rules for Superhero Charades

The main rule of charades is no talking!

One person selects a card or slip of paper, secretly reading their clue. Then they act it out silently using gestures.

Players usually split up into two teams. One member of the team acts out the clue while the rest of the team tries to guess the answer.

Overhead view of small round blue bowl with rectangle slips of paper inside. Next to the bowl are several pieces of paper with superhero theme words cut from printable charade word list.

If needed, you can adapt the game for fewer players. For example, everyone can take turns acting out the prompt while the rest of the family makes guesses. This works well for smaller families or when the kids want to play together on their own.

You can choose whether or not to keep score. When playing with teams, the team scores a point when guessing correctly. If not using teams, the individual person who guessed right earns the point.

There is usually a time limit of 2-3 minutes, but again you may adjust that as needed.

Get Superhero Themed Charades Printable List

Fill out the form below for free instant access to our printable library if you do not currently have access to it. Superhero Charades is file #135.

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