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Conversation Heart Crafts for Kids

Have you ever wondered how to turn those sweet little candies into a day full of fun? These conversation heart crafts are the ultimate Valentine’s Day crafts for kids, turning a simple treat into a treasure trove of creative inspiration.

Whether at home or in the classroom, children of all ages can enjoy making a variety of projects that spread messages of love and friendship. With just a few simple supplies, your little ones can craft heartfelt keepsakes that they’ll be proud to show off. Encourage their artistic side and create lasting memories along with adorable decorations.

Collage of four different conversation heart themed craft projects kids can make.

Isn’t it amazing how those tiny conversation heart candies become the stars of the season during Valentine’s Day? These delightful treats are so much more than just sweets! They’re like mini canvases bursting with affectionate words, ready to ignite your child’s creativity.

Kids will love expressing themselves through art projects inspired by these candy hearts as well as creating with them. So sprinkle some candy heart crafts into an engaging Valentine-themed lesson or art center.

Benefits of Conversation Heart Crafts

Conversation hearts, those tiny, colorful confections that spell out sweet nothings, have become a staple of Valentine’s Day traditions. But what happens when we convert them into creatives?

The result is a charming set of crafts that foster artistic expression and joyful engagement. For children, the opportunity to transform something so familiar into something entirely new is pure magic.


Crafting is a canvas for young creators to experiment with color, shape, and design. Conversation heart crafts encourage kids to think outside the box with each heart piece becoming a building block for their creations.

Fine Motor Skills

As children manipulate tiny hearts and other crafting supplies, they refine their motor skills with every scissor cut and glue dab. Such tactile activities not only develop dexterity but also patience and perseverance.

Literacy Skills

When hearts turn into words and messages, it’s an exercise in language! Reading, spelling, and expression bloom as kids discuss what to write or read their sweetheart phrases aloud.

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Crafting Supplies for Candy Heart Crafts

To ensure that you’re fully prepped for an afternoon of making conversation heart crafts, start by stocking up on a few essentials.

Apart from the star of the show—those sweet conversation hearts—make sure you have a rainbow collection of construction paper, perfect for creating colorful backdrops for your heart-filled masterpieces.

And what’s an artist without their tools? Scissors and glue are your trusty sidekicks, ready to transform simple materials into treasured works of art.

A set of bright paints and markers can transform a variety of materials into something entirely different. Before you dive into each project, be sure to check the detailed supply list so that everything you need is right at your fingertips.

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Additional Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Ready to add even more sparkle to your Valentine’s Day fun? Pair these conversation heart projects with other holiday themed activities to make the season bright for your kids.

These activities aren’t just for fun; they’re stepping stones for learning and development. Each one is designed to engage and inspire young learners whether you’re organizing a family Valentine’s Day celebration or searching for school-time festivities.

Bring extra laughter to your party by using our printable Valentine’s Day Pictionary word list filled with love-themed prompts. It’s a wonderful party game that blends perfectly with the day’s theme, encouraging creativity and teamwork among the little ones.

Who knew squishing and squelching could be so much fun? Your kiddos will adore the hands-on experience with our easy Valentine slime recipe, a sensational sensory play activity that brings the excitement of touch and sight together with sparkly, gooey goodness.

Do your little scientists love getting fizzy with homemade experiments? Dive into our DIY Pink Fizzy Bath Bombs activity—a fun-filled Valentine’s STEM project that’s perfect for mixing up love and learning.

Six photos of different candy conversation heart craft projects.

Conversation Heart Crafts

Get creative this Valentine's Day with these charming conversation heart crafts. From bookmarks to heartfelt cards, these Valentine’s Day crafts are perfect for expressing love and creating memorable gifts.

Whether crafting with kids or enjoying a DIY project on your own, these conversation heart crafts will surely bring love to your Valentine's Day celebrations.

Engaging kids in conversation heart crafts aids in their cognitive and emotional development, transforming a seemingly ordinary candy into a catalyst for learning. This Valentine’s Day, let your heart swell with the shared joy of creativity with your little Cupids. From adorning cards to creating heartwarming décor, these crafts will not only make your holiday more special but will become cherished memories for years to come.