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Paper Plate Sun Craft

Are you looking for engaging and perfect summer crafts for kids? Try the paper plate sun craft! It is a simple yet creative project ideal for kids of all ages, where they can use their imagination and develop their fine motor skills as they paint and decorate.

It also helps them learn about colors and shapes, fostering their artistic abilities. Working on this craft can boost their confidence as they see their unique creations come to life. The happiness of crafting their own unique sun brings out their creativity and adds a burst of color to any space. 

Two completed suns made with part of a paper plate and cotton balls. Center has white and black text on a blue background that says sun paper plate craft.

This sun craft promotes patience and focus, making it an excellent educational activity disguised as fun. You can easily incorporate it into activities at home, school, daycare, or even summer camps.

It’s a fantastic preschool activity for learning about the weather and the summer season, and it helps young learners appreciate the sun’s role in our environment. 

Benefits of Making a Paper Plate Sun Craft

Creating sun craft is a super fun way for kids to get creative and learn simultaneously. They can show off their artistic skills while also getting better at using their hands and eyes together as they paint and cut.

This activity is a great way to introduce fundamental concepts about the weather and the solar system and broader environmental discussions.

While working on this project, they can learn how the sun shines light and warmth on Earth. Our fingerprint solar system craft is another fun, hands-on activity that teaches the order of the planets. 

Additionally, this creative project builds essential skills such as patience, perseverance, and teamwork in a group setting.

Completing the craft gives children a sense of achievement, boosts their confidence, and encourages a love for learning through integrated art and science activities.

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What Age Groups Can Enjoy this Activity?

Ideal for various age groups, this works well for family get-togethers or mixed-age classrooms.

While younger children, around ages 3 to 5, may need more assistance with cutting and assembling, they can still fully participate in the painting and decorating process.

Older kids, from ages 6 to 10, can enjoy more independence and creativity, experimenting with different designs and techniques.

Even tweens and teens can join in the activity, using their advanced skills to create more intricate and detailed sun designs.

This versatile craft accommodates various skill levels and ages, ensuring everyone can enjoy the fun together.

Plate painted yellow with cotton balls and a smiley face.

Easy Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Children love making things out of paper plates because they’re simple and let their imaginations run wild. These crafts are cheap and use stuff you probably already have, so anyone can join the fun.

With these, you can make all sorts of cool stuff like masks, animals, or even fancy art. It’s like magic—turning plain plates into amazing creations that develop children’s creativity and encourage them to explore their artistic capabilities.

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Paper Plate Sun Craft Supplies

To make the sun paper plate craft, you’ll need just a few simple supplies that you likely already have on hand, making it perfect for an impromptu crafting session.

You’ll need a paper plate, which will serve as the base for your sun. Grab some yellow paint to give your sun its vibrant color and a black marker or paint pen to add details.

Cotton balls can be used to add fluffy clouds around your sun for a three-dimensional effect. Don’t forget a pair of scissors for cutting and a glue stick to assemble all your elements together.

With these everyday items, you’re all set for a fun and creative activity that can be done at any moment’s notice.

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How to Make a Paper Plate Sun Craft

To make your Paper Plate Sun Craft, begin by deciding whether you want your sun to have a flat base or remain circular.

If you prefer a flat base to help the craft stand, cut off the bottom third of the paper plate. Otherwise, you can leave it intact for a circular shape.

Craft process showing plate with bottom cut off painted yellow. Then cutting pieces out along the edge.

Next, paint the entire plate yellow and set it aside to dry completely. Once dry, cut out small triangle shapes along the edge of the plate to represent the sun’s rays.

To add a three-dimensional effect, glue cotton balls along the bottom edge to create fluffy clouds.

Top image shows gluing cotton balls along the bottom edge of the plate. Bottom image shows a face drawn on the sun with black marker.

If you prefer a realistic look, you can leave it as is. However, to give your sun some personality, draw a smiley face using a black marker and consider gluing on googly eyes for an extra touch of fun.

Fun Ways to Use Your Sunny Craft

Let’s take your creation to the next level with some exciting variations! You can turn them into a cheerful garland to hang in their room or around the house.

They also make great props for a sunny day-themed puppet show or story time.

If you’re planning a summer party, these can be fantastic homemade decorations or even party favors.

You could also use them as part of a weather chart to help teach young learners about different weather conditions. So, get ready to let your creativity shine and make your sunny craft truly unforgettable!

How Does the Sun Help Us Every Day?

The sun is like a big, friendly helper in the sky. Every day, it gives us light so we can see and warmth to keep us cozy. Without the sun, our world would be dark and cold.

The sun also helps plants grow by giving them the energy they need to make food. This is super important because plants give us oxygen to breathe and food to eat. 

But that’s not all! The sun also helps make our weather. It creates wind and rain, which are essential for keeping our environment balanced.

The sun’s energy can even be turned into electricity with solar panels, which power our homes and gadgets.

When you spot the sun shining next time, think about all the incredible things it does for us every single day!

Cute sun craft for preschoolers using a paper plate.

Weather Activities for Kids

Imagine experimenting with air pressure using balloons, creating fluffy storm clouds with thread and cotton balls, and making vibrant rainbows with coffee filters.

You can also explore the fascinating water cycle with fun, hands-on activities and craft more sunny masterpieces using handprints and paper plates.

These activities are a fantastic way for kids to learn about the wonders of weather in a simple way.

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Kids’ Books About the Sun

Foster a love for learning in your young readers. Help your preschooler learn about the sun with these picture books.

These activities enhance comprehension and vocabulary and also deepen the children’s appreciation and understanding of the sun in a diverse way.

The Sun (Rookie Read-About Science: The Universe): With vivid, full-color images and concise text, this series actively engages young readers, unveiling captivating facts about the intriguing world surrounding them.

The Sun Is My Favorite Star: There are loads of stars in the galaxy, but our trusty sun greets us in the morning, aids our growth, plays hide-and-seek behind the clouds, and creates beautiful evening skies.

I Am the Sun: A Book About the Sun for Kids: Introduces kids to fundamental Space and Earth science concepts, emphasizing the vital role of the Sun in life on Earth.

Sun! One in a Billion: Meet Sun: He’s not just any star – he’s one in a billion! Sun lights up our solar system, making life possible.

You should be able to find them at your local library or bookstore. If you can’t find them locally, you can click each image cover to purchase them on Amazon.

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More Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

With the longer days and extra free time, summer is the perfect season for kids to explore their artistic side and create lasting memories.

Summer craft ideas are a perfect opportunity for children to learn new skills, connect with nature, and develop creativity in a fun and engaging way.

Whether it’s a rainy day project or part of an outdoor discovery, being creative opens up endless opportunities for fun and learning.

Crafting a cheerful paper plate sun or exploring colorful painting escapades brings invaluable happiness and learning. So gather your supplies, bring out your imagination, and let the crafting begin!

Every creation, whether simple or elaborate, showcases the boundless creativity within each child, fostering a lifelong appreciation for art and handmade treasures.

Plate painted yellow with cotton balls and a smiley face.

Paper Plate Sun Craft

Yield: 1
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5 or less

Make this easy paper plate sun craft for an engaging way to build fine motor skills. Cute activity to pair with a book about the weather.


  • Paper Plate
  • Yellow Paint
  • Black Marker
  • Cotton Balls


  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick


  1. Cut off the bottom third of the paper plate to help the craft stand up. If you prefer a circular shape, you can leave the plate intact.
  2. Paint the plate yellow and set it aside to dry.
  3. Next, cut triangle shapes around the edge of the plate to create the sun's rays.
  4. Glue cotton balls along the bottom to form a cloud.
  5. Leave it as is for a more realistic sun. To add some personality, draw a smiley face with a marker, and you can even add googly eyes.

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