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Coffee Filter Ornaments Craft for Kids

Are you searching for homemade Christmas crafts for kids to make at home or school? These coffee filter ornaments are a fun and easy craft project for children of all ages.

Whether you’re a parent looking for a bonding activity with your child, a teacher seeking a fine motor skills activity, or simply someone who loves Christmas decorations, this craft is for you!

With just a few inexpensive materials, you’ll be on your way to creating colorful, unique ornaments that will brighten up any room. More than just a craft, this project encourages creativity and brings joy to the holiday season.

White text on a green background at the top says Coffee Filter Ornaments Christmas Craft for Kids. Three coffee filters decorated to look like classic Christmas ornaments.

This coffee filter ornaments craft is perfect for preschool and kindergarten children as it’s simple, engaging and offers a great platform for them to express their creativity. There aren’t any complicated steps which encourages independence.

Older kids will also enjoy the creative freedom this project offers. They can experiment with colors, patterns, and shapes to design and create ornaments that are uniquely their own. So, regardless of age, this craft is a fun and rewarding experience for all kids.

Benefits of Kids Making Crafts

Crafting comes with a multitude of benefits for children. It offers a hands-on learning experience that enhances fine motor skills, cognitive development, and creativity.

Kids who engage in crafts learn to experiment with colors and textures, giving their imagination a space to flourish. This creative freedom boosts self-confidence as they see their ideas come to life and gain appreciation.

Plus, crafting can improve focus and perseverance as it often involves following instructions and patiently working towards a finished product. The tactile experience of working with different materials can be therapeutic and calming too.

Ultimately, crafts like our coffee filter ornaments foster a sense of accomplishment, enhancing children’s self-esteem and pride in their work.

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Does Making Coffee Filter Ornaments Encourage Creativity?

Coffee filter ornaments are a fantastic way to ignite creativity in kids! With a wide range of marker colors to choose from, they can let their imagination soar and create unique designs.

Whether they go for a vibrant rainbow, a stylish monochrome, or their own color mix, each choice nurtures their creative instincts.

And it doesn’t stop there! Blending the colors not only allows for experimentation but also helps them understand color theory in a fun and hands-on way.

Once the colors are blended and dried, they can take it a step further by cutting the coffee filters into different shapes, giving their creativity even more freedom to shine.

From classic circle ornaments to seasonal shapes like stars and trees, or even their imaginative silhouettes, this step allows them to make each ornament uniquely theirs.

This entire process, from color selection to the final cutting, strengthens their creative skills while providing an enjoyable crafting experience.

Coffee filter colored to look like a peppermint swirl ornament laying on green and red papers with jingle bells off to the side.

Does This Craft Help Develop Fine Motor Skills?

Absolutely, making coffee filter ornaments is a wonderful craft for developing fine motor skills in children.

Coloring within the boundaries of the filter encourages precise hand movements and coordination, offering an enjoyable way to enhance their writing skills.

Squeezing the spray bottle to blend the colors gives them an opportunity to work on their hand strength and control, important for skills such as writing and buttoning clothes.

Lastly, cutting the dried filters into different shapes and using glue to attach the ornament string or hanger requires careful manipulation and dexterity.

With each snip of the scissors and application of glue, they’re practicing crucial motor skills, all while creating beautiful decorations.

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More Christmas Coffee Filter Crafts for Kids

Coffee filter crafts offer an enticing blend of fun and affordability, making them an excellent choice for classroom art centers. Their low cost and wide availability mean they fit into most budgets too.

Children delight in transforming these everyday items into colorful creations, letting their imaginations run wild with colors and shapes.

The simplicity of the materials involved also ensures easy setup and cleanup, making coffee filter crafts the perfect addition to any art-focused lesson or creative exploration. Explore our full collection of coffee filter crafts for kids and let the creativity bloom!

Coffee Filter Ornament Craft Supplies

This craft project is delightfully simple and requires only a handful of common supplies, most of which are probably already tucked away in your drawers or cupboards.

You’ll need round basket coffee filters, washable markers for those vibrant colors, and construction paper. A water spray bottle is also crucial for blending our colors beautifully.

White basket coffee filters, box of washable markers, and black construction paper.

To take your ornament crafting to the next level, consider having a hole punch and some ribbon or twine on hand. This will allow you to create elegant hanging decorations.

And for those who wish to preserve these festive creations for years to come, self-adhesive laminating sheets are a fantastic option.

With these supplies at your disposal, your homemade Christmas decoration will be a fun and memorable experience!

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How to Make Coffee Filter Ornaments

It’s easy to make round basket coffee filters look like classic ornaments. Start by flattening the filters and placing them on a craft mat or wax paper to protect your work surface.

Three coffee filters colored with different patterns using red, green, and blue markers.

Next, color a variety of patterns on the coffee filters with washable markers. Lightly spritz with water to blend the ink and give it a tie dyed look.

Allow the coffee filters to dry completely. This can take an hour or more depending on how wet they are.

Two dried colored coffee filters. Left one is red and green. Right one has a red swirl.

Once dry, you can cut the colored coffee filters into different shapes or leave as a large round ornament.

Cut a piece of construction paper to make the top of the ornament. I used black paper and cut a rectangle about 2 inches long and 1.5 inches high.

Red and green colored coffee filter, black construction paper cut to resemble ornament top, glue stick, hole puncher, and scissors.

You can leave it as is and glue it to the top of the coffee filter, or trim it to create a rounded hanger. Then use a hole punch.

Feel free to get creative with adding embellishments and decorate them. They can now be glued onto construction paper or hung in a window or even on the Christmas tree.

Three completed Coffee Filter Ornament crafts

Tips and Tricks for Making Coffee Filter Ornament Crafts

For a successful and fun crafting session, here are some handy tips and tricks for making your coffee filter ornaments.

To create multiple ornaments at once, you can easily stack 2-3 coffee filters together. Color and spray water just on the top one; the blending process will spread the ink to the others, though they may not be as vibrant.

This method also seems to help the coffee filters dry faster since the water is being absorbed by multiple filters.

Coffee filter ornament colored green, red, and blue and cut into a bulb shape.

Always remember to use washable markers for the blending effect. Permanent markers won’t spread when sprayed with water, but they are useful for drawing details.

Feel free to cut your coffee filters into different shapes for a variety of ornaments. Adding embellishments such as glitter glue will make your creations truly stand out. For smaller ornaments, consider using percolator coffee filter discs.

If you’re looking for vibrancy, make sure to use plenty of marker ink. Light colors or insufficient ink may result in a washed-out appearance once the filter dries.

Two coffee filter ornament crafts hanging in the window.

You can also create a festive banner by stringing several ornaments together with ribbon or twine. Finally, don’t limit these ornaments to the Christmas tree; they make great window suncatchers, too!

Just remember, if you’re planning to use them as tree ornaments year after year, consider laminating them for extra durability.

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Fun Christmas Activities for Kids

Making coffee filter ornaments can be a delightful project, but the fun doesn’t stop there! Let’s explore even more ways to entertain and engage your little ones this festive season.

We’ve compiled a list of exciting, child-friendly Christmas activities that will not only ignite their creative spark but also make for a memorable holiday experience.

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Make your holidays extra special with our gingerbread scented playdough recipe. Combine it with our printable Christmas playdough mats for an engaging and delightful sensory activity.

Add a sparkle to your festive activities with this exciting Christmas slime recipe! This glittery red and green concoction isn’t just a bundle of fun to make, but it also doubles up as a creative stocking stuffer for kids.

Experience the rush of our Decorate a Christmas Tree Game. Roll the dice, add decorative items to your tree game mat, and race to see who can fully deck out their tree first.

These engaging Gingerbread Man Math Printables are fun worksheets that effortlessly blend early math education with a festive Christmas theme, making them a perfect addition to your holiday-themed unit.

Experience endless laughter and joy with our printable Christmas Pictionary game. It’s a delightful opportunity to draw, guess, and make cherished holiday memories while putting your festive knowledge to the test.

More Christmas Crafts for Kids

Get ready for some more festive fun! We know how much children enjoy crafting, so we’ve sourced and compiled a list of fantastic Christmas crafts that will keep your kids entertained and their creativity flowing this holiday season. These activities are not just enjoyable but also great for developing fine motor skills.

Creating coffee filter ornaments is a fun way to keep your little ones engaged this holiday season, as well as a delightful opportunity to foster their creativity, fine motor skills, and love for crafting. Plus this Christmas craft is perfect for kids of all ages. So, grab those coffee filters, markers, and start crafting today!

Three completed Coffee Filter Ornament crafts

Coffee Filter Ornaments

Yield: Several
Active Time: 15 minutes
Drying Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5 or less

Get creative this holiday season with a unique coffee filter ornaments craft! This fun activity encourages fine motor skills and creativity in young kids, making it the perfect homemade Christmas decoration.


  • White Basket Coffee Filters
  • Washable Markers
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Ribbon (optional)


  • Water Spray Bottle
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch


  1. Flatten the filters and place them on a craft mat or wax paper to protect your workspace.
  2. Use washable markers to color the coffee filters with various patterns and colors. Go wild with your creativity!
  3. To achieve a tie-dyed effect, lightly spritz the filters with water to blend the ink.
  4. Allow the coffee filters to dry completely. This might take around an hour, depending on their level of wetness.
  5. Once dry, you can either cut the colored coffee filters into different shapes or keep them as large round ornaments.
  6. Cut a piece of construction paper to create the top of the ornament. I recommend using black paper and cutting a rectangle approximately 2 inches long and 1.5 inches high. You can either glue it directly onto the top of the coffee filter or trim it to create a rounded hanger. Don't forget to punch a hole in it using a hole punch.
  7. Feel free to let your creativity run wild by adding embellishments and decorations.
  8. Finally, you can either glue the ornaments onto construction paper or hang them in a window or on the Christmas tree.

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