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30 Day LEGO Building Challenge Calendar Printable

This free printable 30 day LEGO building challenge calendar is a fun way for kids to get creative with their LEGO builds.

These brick building ideas will help spark their imagination without showing or telling them exactly what to build.

Doing one a day makes incorporating daily STEM activities a fun learning experience.

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Preview of brick build challenge calendar on green textured background and text overlay.

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30 LEGO Building Ideas for Kids

I love encouraging the kids to play with LEGO bricks. They started with LEGO DUPLO at a young age and have since moved on to completing LEGO building sets on their own.

You can see how much my son enjoyed this Disney/Pixar Cars 3 LEGO set and building this Minecraft LEGO Chicken Coop set.

There are benefits to playing with them too, including fine motor skills, hand strength, sorting, counting, and imaginative play.

Additionally, building with bricks and blocks is a STEM activity, whether they are free building or following an instruction booklet.

Kids are using engineering skills to bring their ideas to life. They may do some planning, experiment by building and re-building, and finding different ways to use the pieces they have on hand.

Plus, it’s loads of fun for all ages – kids AND adults!

I love how these free LEGO build challenges help give kids an idea of what to make, but allows them freedom on their end creation. It’s so fun to see how they turn out!

Preview of first two weeks of printable LEGO building calendar.

Here are the LEGO building activities included on the printable calendar available below:

  1. Roller Coaster
  2. Town
  3. Rocket Ship
  4. Tall Tower
  5. Airplane
  6. Pizza
  7. Robot
  8. Boat that floats
  9. Castle
  10. Horse
  11. Maze
  12. Picture Frame
  13. Train
  14. Venus Fly Trap
  15. Unicorn
  16. Pirate Ship
  17. Scene from favorite book
  18. Ice Cream Truck
  19. Dog House
  20. Flying Saucer (UFO)
  21. Sports Arena
  22. Water Park
  23. Shark
  24. Bridge
  25. Tree House
  26. Your Name
  27. Dragon
  28. Historical Scene
  29. Monster
  30. Instrument

Free Printable LEGO Build Challenge Calendar

Fill out the form below to receive the free LEGO challenge calendar printable in your inbox.

You can print it out on regular printer paper, but I recommend printing on white cardstock paper. Do them in order or randomly pick one each day, then cross it off once completed.

These printables are for your personal use at home or for your personal classroom only. Share this post with teachers and parents who would love this activity for their kids too!

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