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Zits Ewww! Review: Pimple Popping Toy for Kids

We received a set of Zits EWWW! pimple popping toy to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

When it comes to gross toys for kids, it seems like the grosser the better. Zits Ewww takes us in a different direction from the typical poo and fart based toys and games.

Rissa holding pack of Zits pop and play pimples

Zits Ewww! Review: Pimple Popping Toy for Kids

These disgusting Zits take gross toys to a new level by combining the fascination of pimple popping with slime. Personally, I don’t enjoy watching anyone popping pimples, but just the thought of this toy cracked me up.

Three packs of zits eww pimple stickers for kids

Zits Ewww are like if someone injected a thick slime into bubble wrap, then cut each bubble out individually. The zits come in a variety of sizes and stick on your face like a sticker. They look gross and silly all over your face, making them a fun way to get a reaction out of your friends.

But don’t expect them to pop too easily! We found them a bit tough to pop, but it’s worth it when you finally do. It makes a yucky sound as the sticky white “puss” oozes out. The fake puss felt very glue-like and is non-toxic.

I really wanted to capture my kids’ reaction to zits pop ‘n play pimples. One day, I had them sitting on the table in our living room, waiting for them to come home from school. (Of course, I had the camera ready to go too.)

Neither of my children know very much about pimples yet, but they still thought they were disgustingly fun! My husband and I had to assist with popping the zits, but the kids thought it was hilarious just to stick them all over their faces.

When I thought of them more like popping bubble wrap, I found it satisfying to pop a few myself.

“Kids have loved anything disgusting since the beginning of time,” says NSI President Frank Landi. “Whoopie cushions date all the way back to medieval times, and plastic poop has been around since the 1950s. Every generation has its own spin on gross toys. We wanted to go where no toy has gone before and still be fun! So, ‘we got Zits!’

“With slime hotter than ever, we thought it was the perfect time to create the ultimate toy mash-up – adding some play compound to the thrill of pimple popping and the satisfaction of popping bubble wrap,” Landi says. “The result is the most disgustingly amazing toy ever.”

Want to get your own Zits EWWW! Pop ‘n Play Pimples? They come in several sizes and are being sold in a massive pack of 100 for $19.99 at You can also find them at Walmart and Amazon.

AD: Looking for gross toys for kids? Then you need to check out Zits pop and play pimples. They are zit stickers filled with a fake puss that is similar to a slime mixture. Click to watch these kids react to this toy and read this family's review.

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