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7 Gross Toys Your Kids Will Love

Eww! You may be more grossed out than your kids with these toys focused on toilet humor and disgusting garbage. Who knew a toy about surprise poo could be so adorable though?

Let’s face it, kids are obsessed with gross stuff. It simultaneously horrifies and delights them. Plus, they know potty talk and fart noises can get a rise out adults. While I prefer my kids to behave appropriately, I can’t deny that a well timed fart joke can be pretty darn funny.

Eww! You may be more grossed out than your kids with these toys focused on toilet humor and disgusting garbage. Who knew a toy about poo could be so adorable though? Click to check out these 7 Gross Toys Your Kids Will Love!

7 Gross Toys Your Kids Will Love

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I guess I can’t say too much about my kids wanting some of these gross toys since I collected Garbage Pail Kids cards during my childhood. At the time THOSE were considered absolutely disgusting. (Some of them still make me queasy!)

Whether or not these are the best toy picks for kids is up for debate. I wouldn’t suggest these for the next birthday party you’re invited to, but I would keep these in mind for gag gifts for your own children.

Except, of course, your kids will totally play with these and think they are hilarious.


When I first saw the commercial for Pooparoos, I was convinced it was an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke by Mattel.

Poop blind bags? I just about died when I saw them swirl the mystery poo around in the little toilet. How are they scooping out the most adorable crap ever? Seeing how much my kids love Shopkins and little Hatchimals, I cannot let them see these or they will want to swirly them all!

Grossery Gang

It’s all about the collections! I was shocked when I saw just how many different Grossery Gang toys are available. They are like any other small collectable toys, except they are the kind of items you’d find digging in a dumpster. Collect things like old banana peels, barf bags, a busted football, and even some cleaning supplies (aka The Clean Team).

Honestly, they could look worse than they do. While these are for any kid to play with, I feel like they were created for boys. Or any kid that prefers digging in the dirt over shopping for accessories in bright colors.

Toilet Trouble Game

The fact that we own the Toilet Trouble Game by Hasbro is completely my fault. I saw it at the store and immediately thought of my children. They love the Captain Underpants series and we had recently finished reading the second book, Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets.

It is a clean game overall – nothing but a little water randomly squirting you in the face. It just happens to spray the water out of a toilet bowl! It’s not a game we play often, but we did have a fun time with it. I only wish it was easier to put away with our other board games.

Doggie Doo Game

The kids played the Doggy Doo game by Goliath while we were at the 2017 Chicago Toy & Game Fair. They both thought it was hilarious. In fact, I had a hard time dragging them away from it! They wanted to keep playing and make the dog poop. If only they thought it was this much fun to take our dog outside to go to the bathroom.

Don’t Step In It Game

This is probably the grossest game, in my opinion. I already know how disgusting it feels to step in a fresh pile of doggy poo (and cat puke too). YUCK. In this Don’t Step In It game, you use a compound (like play dough) to make poop piles. You try to walk along the mat without stepping in poo while blindfolded. Kids will undoubtedly find this ridiculously hilarious.

Zits Ewww

I thought I’d seen it all until I learned about Zits Ewww Pop and Play Pimples. Some people are fascinated by pimple popping and this toy is for them. Kids will get a kick out of sticking these zits to their faces then popping them.

Flush Force

This one might frighten younger children who are potty training or fear the sound of flushing. The Flush Force toys ask you to consider what is hanging around in your sewers. Just fill the toilet with water and shake them to reveal your new bathroom creature friends. Can you believe there are 150 to collect?

Honorable mentions:

Any sort of slime or putty that looks like snot and putty that makes farting sounds when squishing it in the container will also be a big hit. These have been around since I was a kid, but they continue to make excellent gag gifts for kids. Same with remote control fart machines.

The rise of gross toys will likely continue as long as it’s funny to hear a weird sounding fart. Besides, no one can forget the original fart toy: the whoopie cushion. Who knows what type of toy or game they will think of to take fake poop, barf, snot, and farts to the next level. While these seem disgusting, they are fairly harmless toys that let kids get out all of their potty humor giggles!

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