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My Top 5 Baby Money Saving Tips for New Parents

One of the first things I wanted to figure out as new parents was how we could save money on baby gear. I’m not a money saving expert. In fact, I am much better at spending than saving. Well, I guess I have some idea on how to save so you can spend.


Tips for Dressing Newborns

I almost forgot how awkward it can be to dress and change clothes on a newborn. It is certainly much different than a toddler who can help get dressed! I felt more at ease this time than when Rissa was a baby, but still… they are so little and you try to


Tea Collection 15% Off Sitewide Sale

From now through 2/14, Tea Collection is offering 15% off sitewide with promo code GOTHERE15. Shop the hottest spring looks inspired by Tea Collection’s travels to South Africa or take an additional 15% off already reduced sale items. Hurry, don’t miss your chance to shop this great sale from Tea! Happy Shopping! ____ Post contains affiliate links.


A New Year for a New Me Needs New Clothes! {$5K #StyleSURPRISE Sweepstakes} #ad

What a year this has been and it has been lacking a lot of style. I’m the first to admit that I’m not the most fashionable person in the world, but being pregnant for most of the year means my wardrobe has been pretty limited. Sure, I had some cute maternity clothes,


$500 Gift Card for The Children’s Place Giveaway #babyshower 7/24-8/24

When there’s a new baby on the way, clothes shopping is probably my favorite thing to do. Of course, right now I’m hesitant to buy anything until my next ultrasound. I want a little more certainty than my 20 week ultrasound tech could give me before making purchases! Doesn’t mean I won’t


My Daughter’s Dolls Are Nudists

I used to think it was funny and a bit odd to see people out in public and their child holding a naked doll. Now, we are one of those families. Do you see the topless doll in her hand? I felt weird trying to photograph her dolls without their clothes so


These Are Old Navy’s BEST-TEES Yet!

I’ve shopped Old Navy off and on over the years. In store it can get frustrating because most locations do not carry their plus size collection. At least I can shop that and their maternity selection online! Most of my maternity clothes were bought at Old Navy and I kept nearly all


I Found the Cutest Easter Dress for Rissa! #MyHartstrings

Last year we didn’t buy a special Easter dress for Rissa. Instead, I tortured her with a lamb costume. Do you remember this? That was back when she actually held still for pictures most of the time! This year I wanted to get her a nice dress and a new pair of


Adorable Clothing for Little Kids at Lucky Puppy Apparel!

It’s starting to warm up so I’m excited to look ahead at summer dresses for RissaBoo. Even though we are a cat household, I do like dogs too. I had dogs most of my life while living with my parents, but haven’t had one live with me since going away to college.


Do You Have a Fashion Forward Toddler?

Are kids born with a sense of fashion or is that a skill we acquire over time? I am completely serious in my question because I don’t know! I feel like I have a basic grasp on what looks okay but I do not think of myself as fashion savvy. Some trends

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