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Number Recognition Using Mini Pumpkin Erasers

Fall is the perfect time to embrace all things pumpkin, leaves, and apples! Engage your little learners with exciting fall activities for children, such as this Number Recognition Using Mini Pumpkin Erasers activity. It is perfect for both the classroom and home.

This delightful fall-themed activity is specifically designed for preschool and kindergarten kids, but even older children who may still struggle with number recognition can benefit from giving it a try. Not only will they have a blast counting and sorting, but they’ll also be developing important math skills along the way.

How to use mini pumpkin erasers to teach counting

Seasonal themes keeps learning engaging. This pumpkin themed counting activity and these printable fall counting mats are perfect for working on math. For reading, check out this list of fall picture books.

Number Recognition Using Mini Pumpkin Erasers

If your kids are wild about mini erasers, they will love this fun fall-themed pumpkin eraser number recognition activity. No need for lots of prep, this activity is simple to set up and kids love it!

Use it with preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders who still need a bit of help with number recognition. This is a vital skill to learn before addition and subtraction start.

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Materials for Number Recognition Game:

  • Mini pumpkin erasers (If you can’t find at your local dollar store, you can order this multi-pack of Halloween erasers on Amazon)
  • Small tray
  • Numbers (magnetic, plastic, or felt will work well)
Number recognition activity for kids using pumpkin mini erasers.

Directions for Pumpkin Number Recognition Game:

  • Gather the pumpkin erasers in a cup. Have the magnetic numbers close on hand as well.
  • Give a handful of pumpkins to your child.
  • Ask the child to count how many pumpkins there are on the table.
  • Let the child select the number that matches the number of pumpkins on the table. If the child doesn’t get it right, gently remind them what the correct number is.

Repeat this activity for any numbers your child is having trouble recognizing. This activity makes the perfect activity for math centers and is also perfect to play at home to solidify the recognition that written numbers correspond to a number with a physical value.

Fun idea for fall math centers using pumpkin erasers for number recognition and counting.

Tips for this number recognition activity

If you can’t find pumpkin erasers, any mini eraser will do. There are tons of mini erasers sold at teacher stores and other craft stores both online and offline.

Use whatever set of magnetic, felt, or plastic numbers you have to go along with the erasers. This activity won’t break the bank!

Take these tips for number recognition and work alongside your child to help them learn easily with play. These kinds of fun kids activities make learning easier to manage, while not feeling like you are pressuring your child.

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What a cute kids activity for fall! This Number Recognition Using Mini Pumpkin Erasers activity is a fun-filled game that is perfect for Halloween! This easy learning game is idea for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade or any child who is still learning to count and identify numbers. Great idea for fall math centers!