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Mother’s Day Heart Card

Are you looking for easy Mother’s Day crafts for kids? Our Mother’s Day heart card is the perfect solution. It’s a simple and delightful project that kids can create at school or home, making it a versatile activity for teachers and parents alike.

Our free printable templates make it simple for even preschoolers to make a beautiful, heartfelt gift. This easy fingerprint card craft encourages creativity and allows children to uniquely express their affection. This project is sure to bring a smile to every mom’s face.

Two different designs of Mother's Day heart cards printed on purple, pink, and gold card stock with a variety of colored fingerprints filling the heart shape.

What Ages Can Make This Heart Card Craft?

This heart card craft is designed for children of all ages and made even more accessible with our easy-to-follow PDF template. Toddlers and preschoolers can join in the fun, adding their adorable fingerprints on the card with just a bit of assistance.

The instructions and materials are simple enough for children as young as 3 to understand and participate, making it a perfect activity for siblings of various ages to create a special Mother’s Day card together.

Even parents with babies can engage in this activity, ensuring everyone can contribute to this heartfelt creation.

Benefits of Making a Mother’s Day Heart Card

Crafting offers numerous developmental benefits for children. This creative activity helps enhance fine motor skills as kids place their fingerprints within the heart outline. For additional skill practice with tracing, cutting, and gluing, try creating these handprint crafts for Mother’s Day.

Lavender and gold cardstock used to print out two cards that say MOM vertically with a heart for the "O." Differe colored paint used to make fingerprints in the heart. Red and blue paint bottles and paint palette lay next to cards.

This project also fosters creativity and self-expression, allowing children to personalize their cards and express their feelings through art. Plus, making gifts helps instill a sense of accomplishment and pride in children as they create something unique and special for their mothers.

Additionally, it teaches them the importance of giving, gratitude, and recognizing the efforts of others, thereby nurturing their emotional intelligence.

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Card Crafts for Mother’s Day

Creating a homemade card is a meaningful activity that allows children to tap into their creativity and put their feelings into a tangible form. Whether it’s a simple drawing, a heartfelt message, or a handprint, each one becomes a unique expression of love.

When coupled with thoughtful presents, like these coffee gifts for mom, handmade cards enhance the overall gift, making it even more special.

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Craft Supplies Needed

With such simple and accessible materials, this art project is an enjoyable activity that yields heartfelt results.

All you need are the printable Mother’s Day Heart Cards, available in two charming designs: “I heart Mom” and “MOM” with a heart for the letter “O.” These templates can be easily downloaded for free in PDF format, using the form at the end of this post.

Any color cardstock for printing, including white, is the perfect canvas, allowing the bright acrylic paints to stand out. Speaking of paint, selecting acrylic paint in various colors will encourage kids to get creative.

For a smoother crafting process, we recommend using a paint palette to hold the paint colors for easy dipping and having baby wipes close at hand for quick clean-up of little fingers.

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How to Make a Mother’s Day Heart Card

To create this adorable fingerprint heart card, you can start by printing one or both of the heart mom card templates provided onto your selected color of cardstock. Next, fold the cardstock in half.

The top image shows one card printed on gold cardstock next to the paint palette. Bottom shows applying red and pink paint to the heart with finger.

Prepare your painting area by pouring paint colors onto a palette or a small paper plate. It’s also wise to have some paper towels, wipes, or a small cloth on hand to clean your fingers in between using different paint colors.

Heart between two Ms for Mom on cardstock filled with fingerprints using different paint colors.

Dip your fingertip into one of the paint colors, then press your fingerprint within the heart-shaped outline. You’ll want to repeat this step with various colors, filling the heart shape with a vibrant array of fingerprints until it’s completely filled in.

Once you’ve finished adding all your colorful fingerprints, set the card aside to allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

One design is printed on pink paper, and the other on light purple paper. Both have multicolored fingerprint hearts. Next to them is a palette with paints in it.

The final touch is writing a heartfelt “Happy Mother’s Day” message inside your beautifully crafted card, making it a lovely and personalized gift.

Other Ways to Use the Heart Card Template

The beauty of these Mother’s Day heart cards lies in their versatility, allowing for many decoration techniques that cater to every child’s creativity and available resources.

Aside from the delightful option of using paint for fingerprints, children can also use ink pads for a less messy yet equally charming effect.

For those who enjoy coloring, the heart template can be a canvas for their imaginations, filled with crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

Another creative approach is dot painting, easily accomplished with cotton swabs dipped in paint, offering a fun and tactile experience.

Gluing colorful pompoms or pieces of torn paper within the heart shape adds dimension and interest for a more textured look. Alternatively, covering the heart with various stickers can make for an eye-catching design.

Each method adds a unique touch and enriches the crafting experience for kids, making their Mother’s Day gift even more heartfelt and customized.

Mother’s Day Handprint Art TemplatesMother’s Day Handprint Art TemplatesMother’s Day Handprint Art Templates


Mother’s Day Activities for Kids

There are a variety of ways to celebrate and make the day unforgettable for moms. A surprise indoor picnic is one delightful option.

By spreading a blanket on the living room floor, children can prepare easy snacks or sandwiches to share with their mom, fostering a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Additionally, a mini-home concert where children perform songs, dance, or recite poems for their mom adds a deeply personal touch, allowing them to express their talents and gratitude in a unique manner.

You could also make a homemade movie. with children recounting their fondest memories with their mom or expressing their love for her. It is an emotionally resonant gift that will be treasured for years.

Two finished Mother's Day heart cards decorated with colorful fingerprints. One card on lavender paper says Mom with heart in the center. Pink card says I (heart) Mom.

Mother’s Day Books for Kids

Reading Mother’s Day books with kids is an excellent complement to crafting activities, as it seamlessly blends the joys of storytelling with creative expression.

Books about Mother’s Day highlight the occasion’s significance and offer children diverse perspectives on celebrating and appreciating their mothers.

Why a Son Needs a MomWhy a Son Needs a MomT. Rex and the Mother's Day HugT. Rex and the Mother’s Day HugWhat NOT to Give Your Mom on Mother's DayWhat NOT to Give Your Mom on Mother’s DayThe Night Before Mother's DayThe Night Before Mother’s DayMother's Day, Here I Come!Mother’s Day, Here I Come!I Love My Mommy Because...I Love My Mommy Because…


Coupling reading with crafting provides a holistic approach to learning and celebrating, allowing children to draw inspiration from stories and transform these insights into personalized crafts. This combination enriches the overall experience, fostering a deeper connection.

Creative Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

There are many other creative craft ideas that kids can explore to show their love and appreciation for their moms. These crafts allow for personalization and using various materials, making each gift unique and special.

By engaging in these additional crafting activities, children can further develop their creativity, motor skills, and emotional expression while preparing surprises that moms will surely cherish.

Whether using recycled materials, painting, or assembling something entirely new, there are many possibilities for creating a sweet keepsake.

In crafting the perfect Mother’s Day heart card, children tap into their creativity and create a meaningful connection with their moms. Through simple materials and heartfelt effort, these cards become more than just gifts; they are a tangible expression of love and appreciation.

Encouraging kids to engage in such thoughtful activities fosters a sense of pride in their work and helps instill valuable lessons about expressing gratitude and affection.

Two finished Mother's Day heart cards decorated with colorful fingerprints. One card on lavender paper says Mom with heart in the center. Pink card says I (heart) Mom.

Mother's Day Heart Card

Yield: 2
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5 or less

Celebrate Mother's Day with a heartfelt handmade gift! Discover how to create a beautiful fingerprint heart card with our easy-to-follow guide and free printable templates.


  • Printable Mother's Day Heart Cards
  • Cardstock (any color)
  • Acrylic Paint in assorted colors


  • Palette or Small Plate


  1. Begin by printing one or both of the heart cards on the cardstock color of your choice.
  2. Fold the cardstock in half to make a card.
  3. Pour your desired colors of paint on a flat surface like a paint palette or paper plate. Gathering a paper towel, wipes, or something to clean your fingers between colors would be best.
  4. Dip a fingertip in one of the paint colors. Then, press the fingerprint randomly in the heart shape of the card.
  5. Continue making fingerprints with all the colors until the heart is full.
  6. Then, let the paint dry completely.
  7. Lastly, write a sweet message inside this super cute card craft!

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