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I Love You to Pieces Mother’s Day Craft

Are you searching for a creative way for children to show their love and gratitude towards their mothers? The I Love You to Pieces Mother’s Day craft offers the perfect opportunity for kids to express their feelings at home or school.

These easy Mother’s Day crafts for kids provide opportunities to create meaningful, handmade gifts. They serve as a heartfelt celebration of mother figures’ pivotal role in our lives, especially on this significant day. This fun puzzle pun project will make any mom feel deeply loved and valued!

Top image is a close up of the I Love You to Pieces paper plate craft. Bottom image shows to finished projects next to each other. Text title of craft in the center.

What Age Can Make an I Love You to Pieces Mother’s Day Craft?

This project is wonderfully inclusive and designed for children of all ages to enjoy. Even the youngest crafters can participate with some help. For instance, they may need assistance cutting the paper plates and assembling the final masterpiece.

With tasks suitable for different skill levels, toddlers through teens can contribute creativity and effort. This ensures that every child can express their admiration and love for their mothers through this thoughtful and engaging craft project.

Two paper plates cut into heart shapes with painted puzzle pieces glued to them.

Benefits of Making Mother’s Day Crafts

Crafting provides children with a unique blend of educational and emotional benefits. Engaging in cutting, painting, and assembling activities enhances fine motor skills.

It also offers a canvas for creativity and artistic expression, allowing kids to experiment with different materials and techniques to create something new and meaningful.

Furthermore, making a craft for their mothers fosters emotional development and compassion. It helps children articulate their feelings through a tangible expression of love. It can also promote a sense of accomplishment and empathy.

This process nurtures their artistic abilities and strengthens the emotional bond between children and their mothers, making it an enriching experience for both.

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Mother’s Day Card Puns

Kids genuinely enjoy making cards for their parents and other people. Integrating cute puns into their creations adds an extra layer of fun. Here are a few punny card craft ideas to try:

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I Love You to Pieces Craft Supplies

Here’s everything you’ll need to make the I Love You to Pieces Mother’s Day craft project an engaging and fun activity for kids of all ages:

Paper Plates: Choose paper plates of any size as the foundation.

Paint: Brighten your project with Apple Barrel paints. I love their selection of colors, and it dries quickly.

Puzzle Pieces: Whether repurposed or newly purchased, are central to conveying the ‘love you to pieces’ theme.

I purchased a set of “make your own” blank puzzles. You could also use pieces from an old incomplete puzzle or a cheap one from a dollar store.

Glue: I tested this project with Elmer’s liquid glue and Aleene’s tacky craft glue. Both worked, but I prefer the tacky glue.

We also suggest using a paint palette for holding the paints and color mixing, a craft mat to safeguard your workspace, and an art smock to protect clothing.

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How to Make This I Love You to Pieces Mother’s Day Craft

Begin by folding the paper plate in half, then carefully cut out a heart shape. Then, gently unfold it and smooth it out.

Top image shows a white paper plate folded in half next to a pair of scissors. Bottom image shows the plate in a heart shape, painted red. Bottle of paint is next to it. Paintbrush laying underneath.

If you use a DIY puzzle set, separate the pieces before painting; they tend to stick together once the paint has dried.

Choose a single color for the plate and a contrasting color or various hues for the puzzle pieces to create a striking visual contrast.

Dark purple fabric along the top. Blank puzzle with pieces connected next to two paint bottles: fuchsia and magenta. Below that are assorted puzzle pieces painted with the two different colors.

For my project, I opted for a vibrant red for the plate, complemented by two shades of pink for the puzzle pieces. Please select a color scheme that resonates with you, possibly incorporating the favorite colors of both mother and child.

Red painted heart-shaped paper plate with three pink painted puzzle pieces glued to it. Assorted painted jigsaw pieces lay next to it and a bottle of tacky glue.

After the paint has thoroughly dried, glue the jigsaw pieces onto the plate. Apply pressure for about 15-30 seconds to ensure they adhere well, then set the plate aside to dry completely.

Is There An Alternative to Using Paint?

This Mother’s Day craft can be creatively undertaken without using paint, offering a less messy alternative while still maintaining the craft’s heartfelt sentiment.

Children can color the paper plate and blank puzzle pieces with crayons or markers. Although painting might be faster, using crayons or markers is less messy, making it especially suitable for younger children.

Puzzle piece and crayon used to color it laying near each other. Below them is a pink marker and the puzzle piece colored with the marker.

Another imaginative approach is to decoupage colorful tissue paper onto the plate and puzzle pieces. This method adds texture and depth to the craft, enhancing its visual appeal and making the crafting experience more unique and enjoyable.

Grab our set of Mother’s Day color by number worksheets for more coloring fun.

Tips for Personalizing Your Project

Personalizing the I Love You to Pieces craft elevates it from a simple project to a cherished keepsake.

Consider using colors that are special to your mom or child – perhaps her favorite colors or ones representing a beloved sports team.

Additionally, the puzzle pieces can be further decorated; markers can be used for intricate details, while glitter glue adds a sparkly touch.

Close up overhead view of finished I Love You to Pieces craft. I heart you is written on pieces in the center with a marker.

For a more heartfelt gesture, have your child write a personal message such as “I Love You” directly on the craft, or type and print the phrase “I Love You to Pieces” to arrange across the heart like a banner.

Embedding a small photo of your child in the center of the heart can transform this craft into a delightful photo frame, making it an even more personalized gift.

These thoughtful embellishments will make your finished project a memorable Mother’s Day gift.

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Creative Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Exploring additional craft ideas for Mother’s Day can spark creativity in children and offer them more ways to express their love and appreciation.

These crafts range from simple projects for little ones to more complex activities suitable for older children. Each idea provides a personal touch to gift-giving, allowing kids to handcraft something unique for their mothers.

Creating an “I Love You to Pieces” craft for Mother’s Day is a delightful way to express heartfelt emotions and show appreciation. This project encourages creativity and fun, resulting in a meaningful keepsake that moms will surely cherish.

Whether choosing to paint, color, or decoupage, each craft becomes a unique expression of love. Encouraging children to personalize their gifts further adds to the sentimentality of the occasion, making this holiday one to remember.

I Love You to Pieces Mother's Day Craft

I Love You to Pieces Mother's Day Craft

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10 or less

Kids will have fun making this easy "I Love You to Pieces" Mother's Day craft. It's a creative DIY project that doubles as a gift!


  • Paper Plate
  • Paint
  • Puzzle Pieces
  • Marker (optional)


  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors


  1. Fold the paper plate in half. Cut heart shape. Unfold and flatten.
  2. Separate puzzle pieces.
  3. Paint the plate one color and the pieces a different color or various colors that will contrast with the plate.
  4. I used red for the plate and two shades of pink paint for the puzzle pieces. Feel free to choose any color combination that appeals to you—perhaps the favorites of both mother and child!
  5. Once the paint is completely dry, glue the puzzle pieces to the plate. Set aside to dry.
  6. You can go ahead and present the completed project as is or customize it further using the tips in the post.

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