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Cute and Easy Coffee Filter Crafts for Kids & Families Digital Book

Looking for easy coffee filter crafts for kids? My Cute Coffee Filter Crafts digital book features 15 projects that are simple to make and use affordable craft materials.

To save you time, I’m offering this digital book where I’ve bundled 14 of our projects together plus included one that is not published on this site.

Some of our most popular craft tutorials are made with coffee filters, such as our coffee filter bats and coffee filter rainbows.

I wanted to make it easier for you to access these while creating, so I put this craft ebook together.

Cover image of Cute Coffee Filter Crafts digital craft book. Collage of six completed projects including bats, rainbow, butterfly, turkey, poinsettia, and angel. Book title text under the top two images on a light blue background.

What’s Inside the Coffee Filter Craft Book

There are 15 coffee filter craft projects featured in this Coffee Filter Crafts ebook.

Some are holiday focused – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Saint Patrick’s Day, and the Fourth of July.

  1. Bats
  2. Turkeys
  3. Angels
  4. Santa
  5. Wreath
  6. Holly Garland
  7. Poinsettia Flower
  8. Rainbow
  9. Butterflies
  10. Ladybugs
  11. Dragonfly
  12. Bee
  13. Peacock
  14. Leprechaun
  15. Uncle Sam

You’ll also receive tips on making these with kids, a master craft supply list, complete craft tutorials for each project, safety reminders, and printable templates for three of the projects.

The pattern templates are not required to create those projects, but they may make things easier than cutting some of the shapes freehand.

Text at top says Coffee Filter Crafts ebook. Crafts your kids will love to make! More text lists information about product. Image of ebook cover on tablet on the left side.

Benefits of the Cute Coffee Filter Crafts Book

Grabbing your copy of 15 Cute Coffee Filter Crafts for Kids and Families will keep all of these projects together in one place.

The craft supply lists and directions can be accessible wherever you are: computer, tablet, or mobile phone. It looks great and since it is a PDF, it is easy to access on different devices.

Most of the tutorials are available on this site and each post includes an option to save printable instructions, but that takes time.

This way you can go through the craft projects whenever you’d like offline without having to search for the posts, scroll past ads, or keep track of all the printable instructions.

My favorite benefit of getting this craft book is making memories while creating these projects with your kids!

Crafting with kids helps them express their creativity, learn new skills, and have fun. These are great to make with a group of children too, such as in a classroom or at a party.

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