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Printable Unicorn Themed Writing Practice Calendar

My daughter LOVES unicorns and continues to work on improving her handwriting. I know writing practice is not always exciting, but when you combine it with unicorns… well, now it’s more fun!

Fun unicorn themed writing practice printable sheets
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Printable Unicorn Themed Writing Practice Calendar

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Does your child need extra writing practice? This printable writing practice calendar can be used as a supplement to what your child is already doing at school.

It also makes an excellent addition to a writing center. If you homeschool, this printable unicorn calendar can be used in unit studies for teaching the calendar as well as to practice writing.

Example of printable writing practice calendar worksheet for June.

This writing practice calendar also doubles as a coloring book if your kids want to color in the unicorn themed pictures. They can practice writing each month of the year as well as the days of the week. It’s also a great time to practice reading dates on the monthly calendars and learning which months only have 30 days.

How to use this writing practice calendar printable

There are a few ways you can use this printable to practice writing months and days of the week. You can print it out, staple it, and use it as an activity workbook. You could also use a three hole punch and put the pages in a binder or folder.

Kids can use their finger to trace over the letters first, then use a pencil to practice writing. Another option is to laminate the pages (I use this laminator at home) and use a fine point dry erase marker to trace over the words. Wipe it away and continue to practice writing the months of the calendar and days of the week as many times as you wish!

Of course, you may print off additional copies for your personal use as needed!

Unicorn Writing Calendar

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I hope you enjoy using our unicorn themed writing practice calendar printable. It’s great for kindergarten, first grade, and any children that could use additional writing practice while learning the calendar.

Does your child need extra writing practice? Do they love unicorns? Then they'll love this printable unicorn themed calendar! It's perfect for writing centers, teaching the calendar to kids, learning months of the year, learning days of the week, and practicing how to write.

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