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Preparing to Fly With a Toddler

When I decided I wanted to go to BlogHer ’12, I knew I wanted my daughter to come with me. She is very much a part of this blog – a very important part! So, to me it made sense that she should come with. I know that this will present some interesting challenges, but overall I am glad she’s coming with. Honestly, she’s great at breaking the ice and super sociable and for various reasons I’ve become more reserved and shy.

The biggest challenge to me will be flying with her!

She’s been on 3 hour road trips, but never on a plane. I’ve only flown a handful of times and am scared of heights. Flying itself doesn’t bother me (except getting headaches sometimes), but I cannot look out the window without my vision and belly starting to roll. I’m really hoping she doesn’t get too scared or become extra fussy. I certainly don’t want to bother others too much nor do I want them being rude about her simply being a child. Then there’s safety to consider as well…

I’m not keen on safety harnesses (or child leashes as some refer to them as), but I think they can be a useful safety precaution when used appropriately. I ordered one for Rissa to wear in the airport if she gets antsy and refuses to sit in her stroller or be in my arms before boarding the plane. She’s a runner – she is curious and is too young to understand danger. She’s also very good at wriggling her hand out of mine. I figure a safety harness will allow her to walk around and explore without getting lost on me.

I plan to pack plenty of snacks, her cup, books and some toys to entertain her. I bought a couple new items to take out while on the plane since I know how much that can distract her! One thing she enjoys doing is coloring and drawing. So, I got her a little notepad (a pocket sized one) that she can scribble in. I just hope I can keep her entertained enough for two straight hours of flying!

It will be an adventure for sure. I just hope it’s a positive and memorable one!

Have you ever flown with a toddler? Do you have any tips to share?



Jo-Ann Brightman

Friday 3rd of August 2012

I hope your trip went well and Rissa didn't get too fussy. It sounds like you were well prepared.