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Xander’s 10 Month Baby Update!

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What? 10 months? That was so 3 weeks ago. Yes, yes, we are quickly approaching the 11th month mark already. Sadly, I don’t have as many pictures and video clips to share. Since I’ve had to cut back on vlogging and I’m being more conscious about putting the phone down to be with the kids in the moment, there’s less footage. I’ll never completely put the camera away though!

2013-10-23 09.19.42

Hat: Target; Body suit: Gymboree (purchased)

Xander still doesn’t have any teeth. You almost wouldn’t know that when watching him eat! He’s really loving pasta right now. Basically he wants as much “real food” as possible. If he sees it on my plate then he is crying for it. Food on his plate be damned if it is different!


He’s still cruising along the furniture. I’ve seen him take maybe a half step on his own. He stands up well and is steady standing for a bit. I really thought he’d be walking by now – not that I’m rushing it. I thought with early crawling he would (literally) follow in his sister’s footsteps.

It’s sweet to watch the kids play together, though X is pretty good at entertaining himself. There are moments of toys being taken away from one another but Rissa usually apologizes and tries to make him happy by either giving the toy back or offering something else. One thing he really likes now is music. Babies dancing are just too cute!

2013-10-23 10.32.42

X’s onesie: Gymboree; leggings: BabyLegs. Rissa’s shirt: Gymboree (purchased)

He’s not interested in sitting still and posing for pictures. At. All.

2013-10-24 09.35.02

We are still waiting for his first word beyond “dada.” His babbling sounds are varied and have increased. I swear I hear something that vaguely resembles “what’s this” when he’s pointing at objects. I sort of remember Rissa saying “iz-is” for what’s this too. Lights are very fascinating too.

As for me? Well, still no Aunt Flo. We’re still breastfeeding. I’m still battling the rage monster some days, but much less than before. It just sucks because it’s too easy to get stuck in this crappy cycle of being mad/yelling, making the kids cry, feeling like shit with the guilt, apologizing, talking about it, them acting up again or getting set off…. and round and round. It seems like once I’ve “lost it” it’s easier to keep losing it throughout the day (and even the next day). I’m trying harder to halt and reverse it but it’s hard. The triggers come on so fast. I hope I’m at least teaching them how to work on emotion management…that they see me trying.

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