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The Truth About Cosleeping

Do you have any idea what it is like to sleep in the same bed as a toddler? I never intended to cosleep until my daughter was born. A few weeks after she was home she refused to sleep alone. It was scary to me – someone who was adamantly against it just a few weeks prior.

Okay, technically “cosleeping” refers to sleeping in the same room, which doesn’t necessarily mean in the same bed – that is called “bedsharing.”  However, most people refer to bedsharing as cosleeping, which is what I’m talking about.

I was desperate for a solution and scared out of my mind that harm would come to her if she continued to sleep with me. Society made me fearful to even say anything about it. Swaddling didn’t help… nothing helped… except having mom near. We began searching for resources and information. This was basically when I discovered the concept of attachment and natural parenting. It started to make sense to me that my baby would want to stay close. Plus, it made night nursing so much easier.

And so… our cosleeping journey began. We learned about safer cosleeping practices and we all became more rested. But it’s not always all cuddles and happy things.

No, oh no.

Ever woken up with a foot in your ear? Or in the small of your back?

How about a child draped over your side? Fingers in your mouth?

funny cosleeping positions book

It’s entirely true that over all we – as a family – enjoyed better sleep together, but it is something else to have a small floppy person in your space. This is why I was happy to receive and review’s new book: (Amazon link) The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions: Survival Tips for Co-Sleeping Parents. I remembered seeing some of the baby sleep positions on their website, like “H is for Hell.”  They are extremely popular posts because they are so funny and true!

This paperback collection features new sleep positions not previously published on their site and hilarious descriptions and side effects for enduring each one. You can even check off which ones you’ve experienced. Add that to the baby keepsakes, right?! As I read through it I kept laughing out loud (I literally LOL’ed, oh yes I did!) and asking Brian if he remembered this or that.

What’s the most awkward sleep position you’ve experienced? Do you like to sleep near someone (or something like a dog, cat, etc) or alone?

Disclosure: I received the book free of charge in order to review it.

Emily @FamilyNLifeLV

Tuesday 7th of May 2013

I never had any intention of co-sleeping either, but it happened and we love it. Looks like a fun read!

Darcy Zalewski

Thursday 16th of May 2013

I'm totally curious about how that looks for you now with Baby D. I hadn't fully considered what it'd be like with both kids with me!


Monday 6th of May 2013

I have off and on co-slept with my kids, I not against it, but after awhile there was only so much I could take so I have to say I am happy to state that both of my kids are now in their own beds. Thank the Lord! I can't talk much about positions, but one of the most uncomfortable co-sleeping experiences I have ever had was waking up to a fountain of vomit cascading over me after I overfed/nursed my eldest. It was a pure state of shock as I sat up with a pale with baby covered in what seemed like a gallon of warm wet puke. I can laugh about it now, but I was traumatized then.

Anyway, I am glad to see that co-sleeping really does work for families, for us it was time to stop. I'm sure this book is hilarious though, I'd love to read it.

Darcy Zalewski

Thursday 16th of May 2013

Oh my goodness! I would have been quite upset waking up like that! There's been spit up and leaky diapers but nothing quite like that.


Monday 6th of May 2013

I co-slept with my daughter. We moved a lot for the first 5 months of her life and I had plans to side-car a crib but moving that extra furniture to Ohio and back and all around Florida was impractical. So she slept with me in my bed wherever I was. And she stayed in my bed until 2, then she was in a twin bed of her own in my room until 3.5 when she asked for me to move her bed into her playroom. She is 5 now and still comes and snuggles in the morning though. :) I don't mind.

With my son, who is 6 weeks, I am bedsharing until we move (late May/early June). He only wakes up once during the night. We already have a crib which we have side-cared right now, but we've decided to just set it all up in our new home. It'll still be in our room close to us, but I had a lot of intimacy issues with my daughter so I'm going to try this crib thing. I've already been practicing putting my son to sleep without being on the boob, so hopefully it'll be a smooth transition.

Regardless of how you do it, cosleeping is awesome. :)

Darcy Zalewski

Thursday 16th of May 2013

We thought about sidecarring but our room is small. I think one of those huge floor beds that take up the entire room would be awesome. Let me know how the transition goes with your little guy!


Monday 6th of May 2013

I had no intentions of cosleeping at all. In fact, my son stayed firmly planted in his own bed until he was three. Then, one bad trip to one Halloween store (I swear, he loved monsters up until then!) that was scarier than I expected ended all that. He slept with me until he was almost 6! I had to pay him to sleep in his own bed! I was a single mom by then, so it was just me, him, and three dogs in my bed. Yeah, that was comfy, lol!

Darcy Zalewski

Thursday 16th of May 2013

Hmmm I might have to pay Rissa to transition to her own bed now. And what is with them suddenly becoming scared of things they previously liked?!

Tahlia B.

Thursday 2nd of May 2013

I'm a very light sleeper and sleep best alone (not near anything). Before I got pregnant the cats slept in the bed, but *always* woke me up at night. So they were kicked out. Cuddling with my hubby went out the door years ago. When my daughter came along we co-slept (same room) for 6 months. Now, sometimes I like to have her in bed when she's not feeling well, which is really not the most opportune time to do it, but I try...and get NO sleep. As much as I want to cuddle and feel close, it's probably best she stay in her own bed, in her own room. I can rest easier that way. ;)

Darcy Zalewski

Thursday 16th of May 2013

It's interesting how we all have different preferences - even babies! I hate sleeping alone though I do like to sprawl out.