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New Early Reading Books Featuring PLAY-DOH Creations

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received PLAY-DOH books for the purpose of this review. The links in this post are Amazon affiliate links where we earn a commission if you buy something.

Reading is something our family values. Both my husband and I were early readers and we continue to enjoy reading for leisure and learning. We believe that developing a love for books at a young age is important. Most young children I’ve encountered like being read stories, but sometimes parents are faced with a challenge to foster interest. The trick is finding what they like in a book. This is why we have a varied library and continue to introduce new books to our kids.


Rissa was super excited when I told her the package was for her. Right away she had to look through each book. She’s asked me to read them to her several times already. They are short, bright, and colorful. The pictures are super cute because everything is made out of PLAY-DOH! It will give us some great ideas next time we play with it.


We don’t always read them “as is,” since there are plenty of learning opportunities within each book. I’ll ask Rissa to find the butterflies, certain shapes, or colors. She really enjoys search and find activities now, so we did that the most.

The five books we received include(Amazon links):

  • Mama’s Little Ducklings. One of Mama Duck’s eggs is on a roll! Where could it be? (Rissa really likes this one because of the lift up flaps as we look for the little duck.)

  • My First Words. This book introduces young readers to a wonderful world of words with over 50 labeled illustrations!

  • Counting Bunnies. Ten silly bunnies teach kids to count from one to ten!

  • Making Shapes with Monkey. Monkey uses shapes to make all kinds of useful items for his friends.

  • Rainbow Butterflies. Butterflies in all the colors of the rainbow subtly hide for young readers to discover.

These five new PLAY-DOH brand board books came out this spring from Silver Dolphin Books. They publish high-quality, novelty and activity-based books for children. We haven’t tested how well they stand up to the baby’s drool yet, but he likes to look at them when his sister reads them to him! These are great for working on colors, counting and shapes.

Win a set of your own!

Enter to win this set of 5 PLAY-DOH board books by leaving a comment below about one of your memories of playing with PLAY-DOH or reading! Open to US readers 18 years and older. Winner will be selected at random and contacted by email.Ends 5/14/13 at midnight CST.

Disclosure: This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received PLAY-DOH books for the purpose of this review. The links in this post are Amazon affiliate links where we earn a commission if you buy something.


Saturday 4th of May 2013

Our son pushed homemade play dough into his ear. Unlike the commercial brand, it has a high salt content. Wish I had used it instead. The dough got on his eardrum and we ended up at the doctor's with him strapped down to keep his head still, while they scraped it out and off the eardrum. rather traumatic for a 3 year old. No more home made dough allowed around him. PLAY-DOH only from then on.

Paula Lee

Saturday 4th of May 2013

I have always been a book worm. When I was little I used to curl up outside in a lawn chair with a blanket and a book. That was how I played outside most of the time :)

heather eg kaufman

Friday 3rd of May 2013

My boys love to play with it & I love to help them build cool stuff.

Cassandra Eastman

Thursday 2nd of May 2013

I remember making cupcakes or cookies with play-doh as a kid and sneaking a bite when my mom wasn't looking... not sure why because it always tasted aweful!

Carrie Phelps

Thursday 2nd of May 2013

I have lots of fond memories of reading to my own children and all three of my grandchildren but my oldest grandchild was about a year old when he would make us read to him over & over & over & over ... he never wanted us to stop reading him books. He was a book hound!