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Teething Tantrums

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I think it’s finally here. I think my babygirl is teething.

She’s about 3 months old, which is fairly normal for it to start from what I’ve read. I just didn’t know what to expect.

Yesterday was a bit of a trying day… lots of crying and fussin’. At first I thought it was because her second nap didn’t go well. She was awake for two hours, fighting sleep. Dont’cha just love how it gets harder to put a tired baby to sleep? It’s a vicious cycle, I tell ya. We think tired = fall asleep, at least that’s how my body responds (even if I’m someplace where I’m not supposed to fall asleep. Say… like at the movie theater during 300. Yes, I really did sleep through most of that…)

And isn’t odd how a lot of babies and kids fight sleep, while adults wish kids would let them sleep?

But now I think it was more than that. Like widdle toofers. Hell, this may have contributed!

Most of yesterday (especially in the evening) consisted of Rissy trying to jam things in her mouth. She even tried – on several occasions – to insert her fist into her mouth along with whatever else was there. Suck, suck, suck. Chomp, chomp, chomp.

Suck and chomp.

She got mad at her binky, it just was not cutting it. Teethers? Couldn’t jam them in far enough and often required too much hand-to-mouth coordination.

Her favorite? My finger.

Better yet, my finger wrapped in a washcloth.

I tried to let her have my finger as much as I could stand since it satisfied her the best. Cooing even resumed for a bit, albeit muffled around my finger. Eventually I had to take it away – it was starting to feel sore!

So, all the chomping and the drool – omg the drool! – led me to finally consider the possibility of teething and not just lack of napping.

I can’t tell for sure, but her gums felt different (bottom front). I couldn’t get a good look because she’s a squirmy one. Plus, when I’d try her tongue would get in the way as she tried to devour my hand or she’d be crying.

Ahh, yep. It was a day filled with crying, drool, and poop. (No blowouts thanks to our cloth diapers!)

What experiences have you had with teething? How’d you soothe those aching gums?


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