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Bronze Boobie Award

I did it! I have earned my bronze boobies!

That’s right, I’ve been breastfeeding for 3 months and I love it. Sure, it was tough in the beginning and has it’s rocky moments, but it’s been worth it. After those first 4-6 weeks, it’s been so much easier – practically like second nature!

Next goal: Silver boobies! (6 months)



Tuesday 1st of February 2011

Congrats! I'm on the way to my silver as well. I love those milestones you've set - How motivating!


Monday 31st of January 2011

Grats Darcy! Guess I've earned my Silver Boobies then, lol! I love the actual breastfeeding, hate my pump :(


Monday 31st of January 2011

I am on BBC - that's where I first learned of these Boobie Awards! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

M's Mama

Monday 31st of January 2011

yay! way to go :) I see the whole boobie awards on babycenter alot. just curious if you're on there? great site for baby info and online community if not.

thanks for linking up with us for mbmbh :) sippy cups and cloth bums