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Teeth Finally Incoming?

A few months ago, I thought Rissa started teething. Technically, I still think she was, but I think the teeth are finally working on making their appearance.

She’s been super drooly, like drooling buckets. Soaking 3+ bibs and 2 shirts daily. Recently it just seems even worse. She likes to put everything in her mouth, but the chomping is increasing. At times, she’ll be mouthing a toy and just cry – nothing seems to soothe her, just time.

Then the spitting up. It slowed way down at about 6 months and lately we’ve had some of it return (no, no food changes).

We can’t forget the more frequent stooling that is… well, slimy-er than usual. Nothing alarming about it and she’s not appearing ill.

She’s discovered her ears – tugging on them sometimes as well as her hair.

But what really makes me think they are finally on the way through? I can actually see two white shapes under her bottom gum. And… it feels bumpy when I run my finger along it now. That’s new! She won’t really let me look though.

I’m excited but sort of sad – she’s growing up! That gummy smile will soon be toothy!


Friday 17th of June 2011

Alli has 5 (!) teeth in, and I'm pretty sure some more incoming. She won't let me look so I'm not sure where the new one will be. I do love her gap toothed smile, her front teeth are really far apart (again, she's so much like her mama, it's scary).


Friday 17th of June 2011

I feel your pain on this one! We only have one type of bib that W doesn't soak through immediately! Luckily I was able to buy some more (they are on Etsy) a few weeks ago so we have 6 now. They last almost a whole day and on a bad day we only need 2!


Monday 27th of June 2011

I need these bibs - where'd you find them?

Heidi D.

Friday 17th of June 2011

Sounds like what we're dealing with right now with one of our twins. Not fun. The minute one tooth popped through, he was so much happier! Until the next one started coming in. Ugh. Is there no rest for a weary Mom?

Ashley T

Friday 17th of June 2011

Same with Noah.. he is a couple days younger than your daughter and he's been pulling and scratching at his ears as well as drooling a lot! I can't wait until they come through so he can just be ok!