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My Amusing Toddler – A Random Collection

As Rissa grows I keep finding new stages of her life that I enjoy. I’m really liking this almost-2-years-old stage right now because of how verbal she is, her ability to retell events, and her overall silliness.

I wanted to share a random collection of Rissa with all of you!


She’ll wear her hooded towel like a cape and try to dress herself. If you try to fix it she will get very upset though.

Every time I hold a dress up to myself she says “Pretty mommy.”

She gets excited about turning lights on and off and washing her hands with soap.

She likes to count 1, 2, 3, 4 then throw a ball at you, but doesn’t know how to catch one yet!

She has attempted to put one of the cats on her potty chair.

She finds planes, big trucks and motorcycles exciting to hear and watch.

She’s learning how to make facial expressions like smirks and giving the eyebrows. It adds comedy to her responses more times than not.

She loves singing songs like Wheels on the Bus, Shake Out the Wiggles and anything Yo Gabba Gabba.

She likes to play a few Kinect games. She will ask for them. She has a favorite YGG episode “Muno’s Family” which she asks for by name.

She loves the guitar version of Game of Thrones theme song and requests to watch it on YouTube.

When my alarm goes off to remind me to test my blood sugar she tells “test!” She will also roll a crayon between her palms saying “Aerissa shot” and poke it at her belly button – imitating me doing my insulin shot with a pen needle.

You never know what words she will repeat or suddenly know like “crazy” “oh God” “aw nuts” and “oh shit.”

“Freckles” and “truck” sound like naughty words. Since Freckles is one of our cats, she says it a lot!

When she asks where someone is and you tell her they are in the bathroom… She responds saying “Pee and poopies,” nodding knowingly.

When she doesn’t want to do something she pretends to sleep.

…I could go on! My brain can’t keep up as the thoughts flood in and as she does things before me right now.

What is something funny or silly your kiddo did recently?


Saturday 8th of September 2012

The goldfish bag made me smile. My kids always have one in hand.

Holly S.

Friday 31st of August 2012

This kills me! My daughter is 5 now, but she did most of these! I try my hardest not to cuss around the kids, and I can get very creative, so a few to add to the list of words they repeat: Jeeeeeee-zzzzuuuuussss!!!, Oh. My. God!, You Muffin-head! (caught myself on Mother f****er when someone cut me off), Frickin' what?, Fudge!, Frick Frick Frick!, Seriously? Nothing like when you look at your 5 year old and ask her to do her chore and she looks at you in perfect imitation of disbelief, and says, "Seriously?"