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How to Take a Break as a Mom

Do you feel exhausted?

Have you ever wondered how you would ever get a chance to take a break?

As a mom, we often feel pressed for time. Obligations make as wonder How to Take a Break as a Mom. These tips I am sharing today will help you to understand the value of focusing on yourself, as well as how to make that happen.

Moms, are you feeling exhausted? It's important to take care of yourself. Here are some tips to help you.

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How to Take a Break as a Mom

Even super women need a break sometimes. Oh, how we glorify productivity in modern society. It is insane. We are always struggling to do more. We want to take more phone calls, join more projects, make more memories. We definitely don’t want anyone to believe we become tired, we can do it all.


We can do that all we want, but in our heart of hearts, we know the truth: we are burnt out. We are staring down a never ending to-do list, and two loads of laundry from running away, never to be heard from again.

It is time to take a break girl.

What you need is a night off with some great food, great girls, and wine. Lots and lots of wine, and lots of whine. Yes, it is time to give yourself permission to take a break from life and just vent when you need.

You’re not doing it all, you’re surviving

Somewhere along the line we got confused and started to believe that if we just stay working, we will eventually get everything done, at which point we will be able to take a break. The problem is, trying to get a break will never come because (spoiler alert) it will NEVER all be done.

I’m sorry, I know how people hate to hear the ending in advance, but someone had to tell you. There will always be the next thing that needs to be done, and you’re better off knowing that now. The only thing that never stopping will do is take you to the point of exhaustion, where your brain and body will shut down on you, FORCING you to take a break whether you like it or not.

That’s not living your best life, that’s surviving on crumbs. You don’t deserve that, girl. You need a full meal, and you’ll never get one if you don’t stop long enough to eat it.

Don’t you deserve to party?

A break doesn’t have to be some big planned vacation. Grab some friends and hit a bar or a cute bistro for the evening. Go laugh! Do you remember the last time you laughed over something that wasn’t a funny meme on Facebook? Do you remember the last time you weren’t covered in food stains and baby residue? If you can’t, it is PAST time that you were getting out.

We need to get back in touch with the fun side of ourselves, the part of us that knew how to have a good time and where to find it. Meanwhile, you probably don’t know about the newest restaurant that opened up in town. Do you even know what’s playing at the movies? It is ok to prioritize, but can we perhaps admit that maybe you’ve gone too far with your expectations?  

You can even simply take a break by grabbing some adult coloring books (check out our list of 10 Sweary Coloring Books), a great latest best seller novel, or shutting the door and streaming a romantic comedy on Amazon Prime. The focus is to realize you deserve to enjoy time apart from just working.

Get intentional with your time

There is never going to be a “right time” to take a break. You’ve got to choose a stopping point and step away. Be prepared to feel guilty about this, because you already know that you will. It is such a woman quality to feel terrible about having to have our needs met.

You have to remember that YOU MATTER. You are more than a mother, a wife, a boss, a friend. You have needs, and those needs are important.

Go grab a glass and toast your new life. A life in which you occasionally dust yourself off, put your cape in the closet, and go out on the town. Get intentional with your time, and plan yourself a night to whine over a glass of wine! Learn to take a break and focus on your needs first sometimes. It is worth it. 

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Great reminders on self care. We have to Learn How to Take a Break as a Mom! You are riddled with guilt, but don't have to be. It's time you learned to take a break and care for yourself. It's incredibly important for everyone to take care of themselves. Women often put everyone else's needs before their own, mothers especially.