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What DO I do all day as a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom?

My main priority is keeping my children alive.

That might sound dramatic, but when you have two kids 3 and under you know what I mean. They have little concept of danger and seem to defy death daily. I also try to work… I write (here and for BabyZone) and manage social media accounts on a freelance basis. So I do a mix of being all day mommy… playing and keeping two littles happy plus being plugged in a lot.

kids sitting on couch one crying

I don’t want to pose!

From the outside it’s really easy for someone to think I just sit on my ass all day playing on Pinterest and Facebook. (and Twitter and Google+ and Instagram… you get the point)

From the outside it’s really easy to wonder why my house is a cluttered mess. Why laundry isn’t always put away. Why I don’t always get dinner done.

From the outside it’s really easy to judge or believe what someone could/should/would get done.

Before I became a mom I thought I’d keep a tidier home and cook more meals while home with my sweet babes. I knew if I returned to work full-time that would never happen, but if I was home… oh I’d have SO MUCH TIME.

Then I had a baby. And another.

I’m not saying I’m some incredible person (I’m not.. I’m pretty average, I think) or that people should be in awe or treat me special… I just don’t want to be thought of as JUST a mom who’s JUST at home all day.

(I also happen to be a mom who gets her daughter to three classes a week that are a half mile away from our home. Since we only have one car that means I put both kids in the stroller and walk them to and from and wear the baby during class (if needed). So, I’m not always home either.)

Anyway, I loved this post by Matt Walsh because he gets it. And I’m thankful my husband gets it too.

If you haven’t read Matt Walsh’s post yet, I recommend it. His posts have been going viral so chances are you have read it already, but I still wanted to comment here.

So just what do you do all day? ;)

Ashley @ Forgetful Momma

Monday 21st of October 2013

I completely get it! After I had #2 my (step)mother who never had babies had the nerve to tell me that my house wasn't as tidy anymore as it was before I had babies. GRR!

She also doesn't get blogging and thinks it is just my excuse to be on the computer wasting time.

i have two happy, healthy, (sometimes too) smart kids with another on the way. Laundry is half done, they are fed and clothed= good day. :-)

Darcy Zalewski

Monday 21st of October 2013

Fed and clothed are good days! Sometimes I feel really crappy about not getting dinner together every night but then I remember I get breakfast and lunch together 99% of the time.

And did I know you are expecting again? I don't remember if you shared that already or not (sorry!) But congrats!! :D