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Cranky Baby 8 Month Update!

mom with baby

Time for Xander’s 8 month baby update! He’s about 18 pounds, loving food, still breastfeeding, becoming more mobile, and still has a gummy smile. Unfortunately he’s been pretty cranky lately. Is it his teeth? A growth spurt? I’m not sure but I’m holding and wearing him a lot.


I’m hoping it’s not a reaction to how I’ve been working lately. I’ve been staying up late – really late – trying to get some extra things done. Unfortunately that tires me out and shortens my patience a bit. It will pass soon, as it always does. Though I put myself into this cycle without meaning to. Heck I actively try to avoid it but then it happens again. I think it’s one part something I need to continue working on and one part life with littles.

P.S. I kept having to fix cranky from crank. I typed it wrong several times on the video and on this post. Dang invisible ys.