A Toy Smartphone for Tech Savvy Toddlers

This post contains affiliate links. We received this toy smartphone for toddlers to review. I’ve done my best to interpret my daughter’s thoughts on it.

Sometimes I hate to admit it, but smartphones have changed how I conduct my daily life. This in turn has affected my toddler. It’s a mixed bag of pros and cons, but it is what it is, right?

My daughter doesn’t really recognize what this is…

rotary phone from amazon

They still sell these on Amazon!

To her that is not a phone.

Rotary phones have been pretty obsolete for awhile so I’m not sure why they still use them to represent phones to our children. I mean, I know what it is because we had them when I was really little, but when is Rissa going to run across one (outside of a museum)?

Granted she often uses anything to put against her ear and pretend she’s talking to a Yo Gabba Gabba character, one of the cats, or Gramma, but what she recognizes as a phone is our smartphones. She’s pretty good at using them too. Too good if you ask me! She can slide to unlock (I had to password protect it) and knows where to find her favorite apps. Rissa also knows we can listen to music, watch videos, and take pictures.

She has a few toy telephones – some old school looking and a flip phone. For awhile she preferred the flip phone and would pretend to take our pictures with it. But, there were days she would throw a fit over wanting my cell phone!
Now she is happy because she finally has a phone more like mom and dad’s – theΒ Smooth Touch Toy Smartphone.

It doesn’t have a touch screen like ours, but it looks similar to ours. She has fun pressing the buttons and chatting away on it. It’s really cute when it rings and she’s like “What’s that?” then answers it. Rissa even started repeating some of the Spanish words it says when she changes the language on it.

Looking for toddler gift ideas? This toy smartphone is fun for pretend play!


I like that it captures her interest more than her other toy phones, but also glad it’s not identical to a real smartphone. When Rissa really wants access to an app on my phone she is not fooled by her toy phone, but we have some entertaining phone conversations!

Do you have a tech savvy toddler who shows a lot of interest in your phone?

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