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WorryWoo Monsters Books and Plush

WorryWoo Monsters

We all have insecurities and times when we struggle to control our emotions. While we can usually deal with them better as adults, it can be hard to get kids to understand how to accept themselves the way they are. In 2001, Andi Green created artwork titled The Monsters in My Head.  She sought to capture emotions and made them into huggable characters. Several years later after being frequently asked, she turned her artwork into a story and plush line now known as the WorryWoos.

I think they help as well as entertain by bringing emotions to life. There are currently five: loneliness, insecurity, confusion, innocence, and worry. I picked out Rue before I even knew he was for insecurity. I thought he was cute and he sort of reminded me of the sloth on Ice Age. Did I pick my own woo? It’s possible…The plush is well made and perfect for hugs. I wasn’t sure what Rissa would think, but she snuggled him right away.


We’ve read through the story a few times too. Rissa likes to point at Rue’s eyes throughout the book. I’m trying to teach her to say “Rue” since she keeps calling him “kitty.”  The story takes us on a journey where Rue tries to change how he appears, only to finally find someone liked how he looked.

I think these are a great addition to our bookshelves and would be great shower gift.

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