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What’d You Win? June Edition With Linky

I like to share each month what I’ve won since I loooove giveaways!  So, I teamed up with Sometimes You Win to host a new monthly feature called “What’d you Win?” Here’s the deal, every last Wednesday of the month we will be posting about all of our awesome wins for that


10 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Know About Me

I’ve laid quite a few personal things out on this blog.  So what’s 10 more? 1.  I hate clowns.  I don’t think they’re funny nor do I think they are appropriate for children.  I find them creepy and… just… keep ’em away from me!  I even own a shirt that has paint


My Top Five Breastfeeding Product Recommendations

There are lots of different products that are handy and aim to make breastfeeding a little more comfortable and easier.  Some are very helpful and some I can do without.  The following five picks are not brand specific.  These are simply the things I couldn’t have done without in the beginning.  My