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Christmas Traditions To Start With Your Family

Christmas Traditions are a huge part of the holiday theme in most homes.  From special meals to the holiday movies, everyone has that one little thing that they do each year as a family. This list of some great Christmas traditions to start with your family is inspired by some of our


60 Enchanting My Little Pony Gifts

My Little Pony Gifts are a must for the fan in your house this year. From the classic figures to fun clothing or games, this list is truly an amazing place to begin. Your My Little Pony fans will simply adore these gifts. There are so many pony themed items to choose from!


Princess Christmas Wish List Printable

Every year the grandparents want to know what is on my kids’ Christmas wish list. Usually I send an email with my son and daughter’s top interests of the moment and a few gift ideas. This year, my daughter is working on writing her own list! Princess Christmas Wish List Printable My


Joy and Peace Free Printable Holiday Cards

Save time and money with these free Joy and Peace printable holiday cards by printing out the exact number you need. They are perfect for last minute Christmas cards! Joy and Peace Free Printable Holiday Cards This post contains affiliate links. Confession: We don’t send out Christmas cards every year. We love


Who Knew They Made These 10 Unique Pizza Cutters?

Why have a boring pizza cutter when there are so many fun designs out there to cut your pizza pie? Seriously, who knew they made these unique pizza cutters? You can find one for most hobbies and these make cute, thoughtful gifts all year long. 10 Unique Pizza Cutters for Pizza Lovers


Metro Milwaukee Area Small Business Shopping Guide

Are you looking for small businesses to support in the Milwaukee area? We hand selected these local businesses that are within the metro Milwaukee area (including the surrounding suburbs). They are ideal for shopping on Small Business Saturday, but are perfect to check out for gifts all year round. Milwaukee Area Small Business


Ultimate New Mother Checklist

When you become a mom for the first time, you will find yourself in need of a lot of things nobody told you about. This ultimate new mother checklist is a perfect way to prepare in advance.  Not only will you find great items on this list you expect, but a few


What 6 Things to Get For Christmas Early

We all have that list of things to get for Christmas, but are you getting ready ahead of time? With a few more weeks until the big holiday, these tips are perfect for helping you get ready for the big day in advance. Take a look at our tips for what things


Top Christmas Shopping Savings Tips You Need to Know

Everyone needs our Christmas Shopping Savings Tips to help manage the holiday season. Whether you have a limited budget, or simply a large family to buy for, these tips are ideal for getting you back on track and still able to shop. I love giving gifts to my friends and family, and


How To Choose A Babysitter For Your Children

I am always hesitant about leaving my children in the care of someone else, so knowing how to choose a babysitter is a must. Whether you are a first-time parent or this is your fifth child, leaving them with a new person is a scary thing. I’m fortunate my mother-in-law usually baby-sits my