Tales From the Nursery

Tales From the Nursery: The Toddler Years

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Tricks and Treats: 13 Ghoulishly Good Halloween Party Food Ideas

It’s my favorite time of year again and so I had to share these fun Halloween treats perfect for a spooky party. This collection is sponsored by Foodie.com, a place to organize and collect

Easy Slow Cooker Chicken and Potatoes

I’m not a fantastic cook, but I can make some deliciously simple dishes. My absolute favorite appliance these days is my Crock Pot followed by my deep freezer. The end of the day is

Yo Gabba Gabba Live: Music is Awesome Ticket Giveaway for #Milwaukee

We are huge Yo Gabba Gabba fans. My husband and I took our daughter to see them when they came to Milwaukee last year. We’ve been waiting for them to come back, especially since

Trying for Three

Looking back through old blog posts, it’s really neat watching Rissa grow up. I started writing here when I was pregnant with her and it is hard to believe she is turning 4 years

Where Did September Go? {Weight Loss & Other Updates}

The other day I felt like I was getting into another posting groove, but then I looked up and it wasn’t the other day… it was over 20 days ago. (Heck, I started the

How Would You Describe Your Child?

I stared at the question on the preschool parent questionnaire. How would you describe your child? I’m not sure why, but I always hated being asked about my baby’s temperament at well baby checks. It

Bring on Brinner! 12 Breakfast for Dinner Recipes

This collection of delicious breakfast for dinner recipes is sponsored by Foodie.com, a place where you can collect and organize recipes online. Check out 12 Breakfast for Dinner Recipes by Darcy Zalewski at Foodie.com I love

The #LeapTV Pre-Sale is Here!

This post is part of a sponsored campaign to share information about LeapFrog’s new LeapTV! One of this year’s hottest holiday toys is on pre-sale today — September 2! The new LeapTV gaming console by LeapFrog is

Keeping Myself Accountable {Weight Loss Update}

I’m the type of person who is filled with ideas and likes to go all in on something to the point of obsession. I tend to burn myself out of motivation this way. It’s

The LeapFrog LeapTV Pre-Sale is Coming Soon! #LeapTV

This post is part of a sponsored campaign to share information about LeapFrog’s new LeapTV! One of this year’s hottest holiday toys is going on pre-sale on September 2! Yes, I really do think the new LeapTV gaming

Easy Pineapple Banana Smoothie

I loooove smoothies. I might like milkshakes even more, but smoothies are always a hit in my house. The kids think it’s fun to help fill the blender and drink through fun straws. When Rissa

There’s Something Exciting Coming From LeapFrog! #LeapTV

This post is part of a sponsored campaign to share information about LeapFrog’s new LeapTV! We’re big fans of LeapFrog in this house. We have several of their toys and the kids enjoy watching their

Getting Ready to Send My Oldest Off to Preschool

Say what?! Didn’t I say last year that I wasn’t going to enroll my 3 year old in preschool? I still believe my reasons for NOT planning to enroll her are valid. It’s just

Let’s Hear It For Non-Scale Victories! {Weight Loss Update}

No surprise that I haven’t followed any eating plans to a T nor have I been completely strict with my running/exercise schedule. They are important components to living a healthier life, but they aren’t

Encouraging Gross Motor Development With Outside Play

We received a fun climbing dome toy for review from Little Tikes. Everyday my kids are learning, developing, and honing their skills. Sometimes we’re encouraging specific ones with directed play, but most of the time

12 Quick Family Meals

This collection of Quick Family Meals is part of a compensated campaign with Foodie.com. Check out Quick Family Dinner Recipes by Darcy Zalewski at Foodie.com I sort of hate calling a recipe “quick.” To me, quick

Creating Fun Backyard Moments With Our New Water Table

We received a water table to review from Little Tikes. The memories and opinions shared are all our own. I hate to admit it, but I don’t think I get my kids outside to play

Sweet Summer Memories: Strawberry Picking

I love strawberries. Their vibrant red color, their fresh scent, and the taste as of sweet and tart as I sink my teeth into a juicy one. If I had to pick a favorite

Host Your Own Bounce House Play Date!

We received a bounce house toy from Little Tikes to review for our own play date. There is just something about bounce houses that draw kids to them like moths to a flame. They are

Will I Ever Run a 5k? {Weight Loss & Couch to 5k Updates}

Two weeks ago I was so close to hitting my next weight goal. Without tracking my food and WW points, you can see how my weights have fluctuated. Week 16: 213.4 Week 17: 211.6 Week 18: 208.8 Week