Tales From the Nursery

Tales From the Nursery: The Toddler Years

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Rissa Reads: Disney’s Frozen Books

We received Disney Frozen books to review. Confession: We didn’t see Frozen until it was released on Blu-ray/DVD. I pre-ordered it, so we watched it as soon as we got it. This was after Rissa

Getting Around Town With Two Kids as a One Car Family

We received the double stroller featured for review. Post includes affiliate links. It’s not easy being a one car family, especially with two young children. When we first made the decision to drop down to

Time to Buy New Pants! {Weight Loss Update}

Getting healthy and losing weight have pros and cons, much like anything else. One of those is shopping for new clothes. I’ve been looking forward to needing new pants and I finally had to buy

Celebrate Earth Day With Disneynature’s Bears Activity Packet! #MeetTheCubs

When I was little, I pretty much equated Earth Day with recycling and planting trees. I think it was easier to involve a classroom in those types of activities. But, you can celebrate Earth

Dyeing Easter Eggs With Whipped Cream

Have you ever tried dyeing Easter eggs using whipped cream? After seeing a few posts on Pinterest using shaving cream, I wondered if I could swap ‘em. I liked the idea of an alternative

10 Parenting Truths From Delivery Man #DeliveryManMovie

We received a copy of this movie for review purposes. When I heard about Delivery Man, I looked forward to a funny movie. I figured it would be a feel-good comedy, but it delivered more than

darcy and son

I’m a Loser, Baby! {Weight Loss Update}

I never really liked the show The Biggest Loser. Admittedly, I’ve never watched an entire season. The few times I watched, it was the season finale. I always cried, listening to their stories and

Mom & Daughter Date: Taking a 3 Year Old to the Movies for the First Time

I’ve been unsure about taking my daughter to the movie theater, but I survived our Mommy-Daughter Date. In fact, I think we’ll do it again soon. Since Xander was born, Rissa rarely gets time with

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Printable Activities #CaptainAmerica

It’s almost time… “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” comes to theaters on Friday, April 4th. Keep the excitement going for the fans at your house with a bunch of free printable activities from word

Free Printables: The Pirate Fairy Activities and Neverland Crafts #PirateFairy

We were on to something when we planned the kids’ pirate fairy birthday party. Except we didn’t know about The Pirate Fairy movie at that time! It came out on Blu-ray yesterday and I

12+ Pasta Dishes for Sunday Dinner

This collection of Sunday dinner ideas is part of a compensated campaign for Foodie.com, where you can organize and collect recipes from around the web. When I was little, I remember going to my grandma’s

Scale Victory: Reaching My First Weight Loss Goal

One of the things I love about the Weight Watchers program is how they encourage you to break down your weight loss into smaller, achievable goals. I know I need to lose about 100

Rissa’s Disney World Quotes, Comic Book Nursery & More – It’s a BabyZone Round Up!

I was busy writing away over on BabyZone this past week! Is it a bird? Or a plane? No, it’s comic book decor! I found 18 fun things for a comic book-themed nursery. I shared fun

New Captain America: The Winter Soldier Clips! #CaptainAmerica

I have a confession to make… before I watched Captain America, I thought it’d be kind of boring. For some reason I’ve had this misconception that Captain America was a boring superhero. Maybe it’s because

Rissa Recommends: Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic DVD

We received a copy of the Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic DVD for review purposes. Doc McStuffins is back to save the day and this time, she is mobile! After building a mobile clinic with her

Mom Dating, Milk Donations & Mobile Devices for Kids – It’s a BabyZone Round Up!

Here’s what I was talking about and sharing on BabyZone this past week! Maybe my view on technology is a bit skewed because of what I do. My life and work are intertwined on this

Back on Track {Weight Loss Update}

After a gain last week, I got back on track this week. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be to bounce off and on program. I mean, it’s not supposed to

Maleficent’s Wings {Movie Trailer} #Maleficent

I love a good villain. It’s no secret that I adore Loki despite rooting for The Avengers to reign in his destruction. I find really good villains to be integral to great story lines–necessary, in

Preschooler Negotiation, Vintage Airplane Nursery & More – It’s a BabyZone Round Up!

If you’ve ever met my daughter, you know what a little negotiator she can be. sometimes she does the normal 3 year old tricks of begging, whining, crying and tantruming. But other times she

You Lose Some, You Gain Some {Weight Loss Update}

After two weeks of losing weight after starting Weight Watchers again, I gained the third week. But I’m not discouraged. In fact, I expected the gain. Of course, I hoped by some miracle I’d