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Stylish Back to School Kids Clothes From Oshkosh B’Gosh

Do you ever get frustrated back to school clothes shopping for your kids? I do! The kids grow fast and play hard, so I prefer buying kids clothing that is good quality, affordable, and stylish. Although my kids have opinions about what they prefer to wear, they are young enough that I


3 Ways to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you spend your days feeling overwhelmed? Everyone gets overwhelmed from time to time. We take a task on here, agree to a meeting there, and before we know it, we are completely and utterly swamped. Since I know all too well about this struggle, I wanted to share with you these


The Best Cars 3 Toys Building Kits

Have you ever gone shopping for a kid’s birthday gift with no clue what they like? As my daughter received more birthday party invites from classmates, we ran into this more often. You’d think your kid would know what their friend likes, right? Wrong! Sometimes they know, but other times… you are


Leaf Rubbings Idea for Kids

Do you remember collecting leaves and making leaf rubbings as a kid? I do! Most kids enjoy exploring nature and discovering the world around them. Capture this love of nature by completing this Leaf Rubbings Idea for Kids. Making leaf rubbings is the perfect science activity for little naturalists and is ideal


Balloon Air Pressure Experiments for Kids

We love doing fun projects that also teach the kids. These Balloon Air Pressure Experiments for Kids are ideal for keeping kids happy with a project while teaching them basic science! While this is an experiment you’ll need to help with and supervise, it is going to be one you will enjoy


Things to do with Kids at the Minnesota State Fair

Are you planning a trip to the Minnesota State Fair with your family? Wondering if there is enough to do with the kids? Or if it is worth it? This was our first time going to the Minnesota State Fair and I’ll share why we enjoyed attending, some highlights from our family


Must Have Halloween Decoration Craft Items

Halloween is a fun time of year, especially if you love making craft projects. Having Halloween Decoration Craft Items on hand is a must in our house, as I am sure it is in yours.  With so many homemade Halloween craft projects on our bucket list, I always like to be prepared.


5 Horrifying Lies Women Believe and What to Do About Them

As women, we take on a lot.  In the process of being a parent, spouse, and employee, we become a super woman.  Unfortunately, we often tell ourselves things like these lies.  In an effort to help my fellow “super women” be able to manage life better, I want to share a reminder


Kids Science Experiment | Oil and Water Color Changing Lab

There is something amazing about color mixing, and it makes an easy kids science experiment. Kids love watching the process of colors changing right before their eyes. Make it even more fun by mixing oil and water in this super fun oil and water color changing lab. With a bit of water,


4 Trending Self Care Ideas You Can’t Ignore

Self-care is MANDATORY. We are busier than we have ever been before as a society, and when it comes time to make some additional room in our schedule, we are usually the first ones who suffer. It is time to make some time for you and these Trending Self Care Ideas You

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