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Melting Rainbow Preschool Science Experiment

Does your kid ask “why” a gazillion times a day too? Little kids are naturally curious about how the world works and are budding scientists – even if they don’t know it! Rainbow-loving kids will adore this simple preschool science experiment where they can melt a rainbow. Introduce young kids to the basics


Wonder Woman Paper Bag Puppet Craft for Kids

Do your kids love pretending to be superheroes too? Both my daughter and my son love pretending to be a variety of masked comic book heroes. Right now, Wonder Woman is having a moment and I couldn’t be more thrilled. My daughter already loved Wonder Woman, but after we went to see


Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for some Summer Fun for Kids? This list has some amazing ideas that you can easily put into place during those long and hot summer months. Kids need more than just the all day TV babysitter. However, us moms can feel overwhelmed trying to occupy them every second of


25+ Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas are needed this time of year, and this list is full of our favorite blogger’s crafts and ideas! With tons of printables included, this list has something that will fit into every budget. We love celebrating how great Dad is every day of the year, but it is


Pregnancy Facts Nobody Tells You

Let’s get real. There are some yucky Pregnancy Facts Nobody Tells You! You often hear pregnancy referred to as “a magical time” – and it totally is! What you might not know, however, is that there are some uncomfortable, unpleasant, and downright nasty details most women face during pregnancy that is talked


Baby Newborn Stage: Tips For Keeping Your Sanity

The baby newborn stage is one of those times in life when everything seems uncertain. Welcoming a newborn baby into your family comes with so many unknowns. While it’s definitely an exciting time, it can also be a little stressful! Whether you’re a first-time mom or have experience with taking care of


Covered Bridge Park: The Last Covered Bridge in Wisconsin

At one time there were more than 40 covered bridges throughout the state of Wisconsin. Today only one remains at Covered Bridge Park. One of the best parts about living in Wisconsin is enjoying the gorgeous scenery. At times we may take it for granted, but one trip down a scenic route


The Ultimate List of Books & Resources for Natural Childbirth

Are you planning a natural birth and want more information about natural childbirth? Then you have come to the right place. First, I would like to point out that I support all moms, regardless of how they give birth. I know many women seek information on childbirth and ultimately I want to help


25+ Simple Craft Ideas For Kids

Simple Craft Ideas for Kids are a must for any time you have the kids underfoot while you are home working or trying to stay busy.  We’ve been creating amazing craft ideas for you for years now, and finally compiled them into one easy to read location.  This list includes crafts that


7 Self Care Activities For Busy Moms

Self Care Activities are needed in the life of a busy mom. Whether you are a working mom, work at home mom, or a stay at home mom, you know that self care is a must. Taking care of yourself above all else makes you a better mom. It’s just the truth.

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