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  1. Shannon
    February 25, 2012

    I have flown twice with my daughter, once when she was 7 months and again when she was 13 months. Both times I flew with other people. I got some great advice from a friend of mine though. She rode on my lap, but was able to scoot around between the 3 of us. If you have a car seat stroller combo, that is what I would recommend. My daughter doesn’t sit in car seats much, but it was easier to carry our stuff and have her in the wrap. The first time the flight was about 2 hours, the second time, it was 4, I was definitely worried about that second trip, but it went ok. She was able to walk around on our laps and I walked her up and down the isles a few times just to let her stretch out. The flight attendants loved to stop and talk to her, and we were lucky, the people behind us had a kid about 9 or so who liked to play peek a boo with my daughter.
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  2. saida a
    March 24, 2012

    I have travelled with my daughter twice, once when she was 9 months and 12months. Both trips I had her on my lap and she was a handful . During our first trip I was accompanied by my brother so she moved between us, listened to music and played with her toys. During take off and landing that’s when she would cry alot. I tried to give her snacks to chew on , (she never liked a pacifier took one and tried it.. it didnt work ).kept her calm after a while and then she took her nap.

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