WW: My How My Daughter Has Grown in 2 Years

2 years…

It seems like only yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital on the scariest drive of our life, which then turned into the longest night of our life. I was nervous and confident all at the same time as I let my intuition guide me in parenting her. She taught me so much…

2 years…

I couldn’t wait for her to sit, crawl, walk, and talk. She did all of that before the end of the first year. After that, I wished she wasn’t doing all those things. She was growing up so fast.

2 years…

Her speech gets clearer, her vocabulary grows. Those lovely locks are getting long but I don’t dare have them cut just yet. She’s curious, stubborn, imaginative, silly, and loving.

2 years….

It’s amazing to watch her transform from baby face to little girl. It won’t be long before a teenager and then a young woman stares back at me.

2012-12-17 23.51.45


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