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Uncle Sam Wooden Spatula Craft

Looking for patriotic craft ideas for kids? Create this fun Uncle Sam craft using a wooden spatula to use as a festive decoration or even as a puppet.

Uncle Sam is an iconic American symbol, making this an ideal project in honor of the 4th of July or Memorial Day. Working on this as a family provides an excellent opportunity to discuss national symbols as well as the history of Uncle Sam and Independence Day. 

Make sure to grab the free printable craft template available at the end of this post. It will help you complete this project easier.

White text on blue background at the top says Wooden Spatula Uncle Sam. Close up view of finished project made using a flat bamboo spatula, craft foam, and paint.

Patriotic Crafts for Kids

Here are a few projects you can make for Presidents Day, Memorial Day, or Independence Day. They are easy to do at home or in a classroom art center. Another idea is to include one or more of these in a unit study.

Who Is Uncle Sam?

The character Uncle Sam has become a symbol representing the United States government as well as the people of the United States of America (USA). His origin is linked to a man named Samuel Wilson, a meat packer in New York. 

He supplied rations to the troops during the War of 1812. Samuel Wilson marked his supply barrels with “U.S.” meaning United States. The soldiers began referring to the food as “Uncle Sam’s.” This led to the United States being nicknamed Uncle Sam

Completed Uncle Sam craft made by painting a wood spatula is held up at an angle, tilted towards the right side of the photo.

He is generally depicted as an older white man with a white beard and wearing red, white, and blue stars and stripes like the USA flag.

Uncle Sam Craft Supplies

To help make sure you have the materials you need, I’m including my affiliate links to some of the materials below so you can easily order them.

While we used a flat bamboo spatula in this tutorial, you could also create him using a wooden spoon. The hat section will be rounded and need a little tweaking, but the finished result would still look great!

How to Make a Wooden Spatula Uncle Sam

Start by printing out the Uncle Sam Spatula Craft Template (it’s a free printable available at the bottom of this post). 

Flat wooden spatula laying horizontally next to a ruler to measure about two inches from the top and mark a line using the craft stick.

Take one regular popsicle stick and place it about two inches down from the top of the spatula. Draw a line across using a pencil. You can use the tutorial photos and the printable template as a guide while you paint.

Optional: You can also block off the section between the pencil line and the neck of the spatula with painters tape or cardstock to keep the face area unpainted.

Top part of bamboo spatula partially painted white. Paintbrush with white paint on it laying nearby.

Paint the top third of the flat wooden spatula white. (From the flat top down to the pencil line.) After the white paint has dried, apply another coat if needed.

Three red stripes painted over the white on top section of spatula, leaving only two white stripes in the middle.

With a small flat paintbrush, paint red vertical stripes over the white section. Then paint the craft stick blue on the front and sides.

Once the paint dries, secure the craft stick along the edge of the white and red painted stripes to create the hat brim. You can use a glue gun or tacky craft glue. If using liquid glue, please wait for the glue to dry in between steps.

Close view of top part of bamboo spatula. Top section is painted in red and white vertical stripes. Blue painted craft stick has been glued on horizontally to create hat brim. The ends of the craft stick have been trimmed.

You can cut off about half an inch from each end of the blue popsicle stick using scissors or you may choose to leave it as is.

Next paint the spatula blue from the neck down to the end of the handle. Allow time to dry.

If you covered the face section during painting, remove that now.

Two googly eyes have been glued on beneath hat brim and two pink dots for cheeks. Glue gun, pink paint bottle, and pencil eraser covered in pink paint are next to craft project.

Glue two googly eyes to the unpainted section for Uncle Sam’s face. Position the eyes aligned with the center just below the hat brim. To give him rosy cheeks, dip an unused pencil eraser into pink paint and stamp them on either side of his face underneath the eyes.

Now cut out the beard, mustache, and star templates if you haven’t already. Trace the beard and mustache on white craft foam. Trace the star on silver glitter cardstock. Cut everything out.

Three red buttons added onto handle below the beard. Uncle Sam craft almost completed. Glue gun and container of assorted colors of buttons are next to project.

Glue on the beard and then glue on the mustache over the beard. To make a nose you can cut the rounded end off of a popsicle stick, a small piece of light colored craft foam or even a pom pom. Glue it in place.

Glue three red buttons onto the handle below the beard.

To embellish his hat, add a clear rhinestone or another type of self-adhesive gem to the center of the star. Finally, glue the star to his hat.

Woman's hand holding up completely painted and assembled Uncle Sam made out of a wooden spatula.

Once your Uncle Sam craft is completely dry and assembled, you can use him as a puppet, a 4th of July decoration, or even a hostess gift!

More Uncle Sam Crafts

Kids often make Uncle Sam crafts for the Fourth of July, but did you know he has his own holiday too? In 1989, President Bush proclaimed September 13 to be Uncle Sam Day in honor of Samuel Wilson’s birthday. Here are a few more craft ideas inspired by Uncle Sam.

Wooden Spatula Uncle Sam Craft

Wooden Spatula Uncle Sam Craft

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10 or less

Fun and easy Uncle Sam craft made with a flat wooden spatula. Perfect 4th of July craft for kids!


  • Uncle Sam Spatula Craft Template (download form at bottom of post)
  • Wooden Flat Spatula
  • Regular Size Craft Stick
  • Red, White, Blue, and Pink Acrylic Craft Paint
  • Googly Eyes
  • Red Buttons
  • Clear Rhinestone
  • Silver Glitter Cardstock
  • White Craft Foam


  • Low Temp Glue Gun or Tacky Craft Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler


  1. Print out the craft template (available at the bottom of this post) to use for patterns and as a paint guide. 
  2. Draw a line across the spatula about two inches down from the flat top. 
  3. Paint the top third of the spatula white. 
  4. Paint red vertical stripes over the white section. 
  5. Paint the front and sides of the craft stick blue.
  6. Paint the spatula handle blue (leave the section between the pencil line and the neck of the spatula unpainted). Allow time to dry and apply an additional coat of paint as needed for any section.
  7. Glue the craft stick along the pencil line. This is the brim of the hat. 
  8. Trim half an inch off each end of the popsicle stick if you want a more straight edge, rectangular looking hat. 
  9. Glue on two googly eyes to the unpainted section for Uncle Sam’s face.
  10. Dip an unused pencil eraser into pink paint and stamp beneath the eyes on each side to make cheeks. 
  11. Cut out the beard, mustache, and star templates. Trace the beard and mustache on white craft foam and cut them out.
  12. Glue on the beard and mustache. 
  13. Add a nose by cutting off the rounded end of a craft stick or a small circle of light colored craft foam. Glue in place under the eyes. 
  14. Glue three red buttons to the handle.
  15. Trace the star template on silver glitter cardstock. Attach a clear rhinestone to the center of the star. Finally, glue the star onto his hat near the brim.

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