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Toy Sword Makeover and Cardboard Shield Tutorial

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Does your child want to be a warrior or a knight in shining armor?

Whether you are looking for homemade costume ideas for Halloween or pretend play, they’ll have fun with this toy sword makeover and matching cardboard shield.

Completed sword and cardboard shield

Plastic Sword Makeover and Cardboard Shield Tutorial

My son’s favorite color is green and he loves to use his imagination as he plays outside with his sword.

I wanted to give his plastic sword a new look and make him a matching shield. I decided to use Plasti Dip Craft, which is like spray paint but better.

Plasti Dip Craft cans used for project

It is an air-dry specialty rubber coating that can be applied to a variety of surfaces and helps protect against moisture. 


  • Toy sword
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue gun
  • Plasti Dip (I used Midnight Black, Gator Green, and Silver Metalizer Enhancer)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paint

Toy sword makeover supplies

Before you get started on your project, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Be sure to read the instructions on your Plasti Dip can and work on your project in a well ventilated area.

I chose to prep everything inside the house, then spray and dry outside. I laid an old bed sheet down for any overspray.

When working outside, it is best to keep your project out of direct sunlight. Also, high humidity and breezy conditions can affect how smoothly you apply the spray.

As I worked on my project, I got better at applying Plasti Dip. Initially, I had a few issues with air bubbles and dripping because I was spraying too close. It’s best to take your time and apply multiple light coats.

How to give a plastic sword a makeover

Whether the sword is from a thrift store or has been laying around in the dark corners of your child’s room, giving a toy sword a new look is an excellent way to make an old toy seem new again.

Start by ensuring the plastic sword is clean and remove any old stickers. I wrapped the middle of the handle with painters tape to make it appear smoother. 

Step by step plastic toy sword makeover tutorial

I covered and taped off the hilt and sprayed one side of the sword blade with Midnight Black Plasti Dip Craft.

Always wait at least 30 minutes between coats.

I gave it another coat and waited before flipping it over and doing the other side.

After both sides are done, touch up the edges with a final coat if needed.

How to give a toy sword a new look

Coat each side 1-2 times with the Silver Metalizer Plasti Dip Craft. It gives it a nice metallic appearance.

Wait at least 4 hours before starting the handle.

Cover and tape off the blade.

Toy sword makeover project directions

Give the handle several coats in whichever color you decide on. I used Gator Green.

Then after the color is done, give it 1-2 coats of Silver Metalizer Enhancer.

Besides how cool the sword looks, I like the feel of it with Plasti Dip better. The hilt now has a comfortable, rubberized texture. 

How to make a cardboard shield

First cut a circle out of a large piece of cardboard.

How to make a cardboard shield for pretend play

Draw a smaller circle in the center and draw four lines dividing the circle.

Cut along the lines up to the center circle. Do not cut through the center!

Score the center circle and bend the four pieces back a bit. This will give the shield a bit of shape instead of being flat.

Use a hot glue gun to connect the cardboard pieces.

You may then glue on additional layers to add detail and decorations using pieces of cardboard, foam, and hot glue.

Cardboard shield tutorial for Halloween costume

I alternated coats of Midnight Black and Gator Green on the front. 

Remember to wait at least 30 minutes between coats. I set a timer to remind me each time.

Once satisfied with the color on the front, I gave it a coat of Silver Metalizer Enhancer and a coat of White Pearlizer Enhancer. It gave it a nice sheen that matched the sword.

After finishing the front, I coated the back of the shield with Midnight Black Plasti Dip.

How to make a cardboard shield for Halloween

Once the shield dried for at least 4 hours, I used acrylic paint for additional decoration and hot glued felt strips on the back to make straps for my son’s arm to go through.

Toy sword and cardboard shield craft for Halloween or pretend play

Both of my kids were so excited about the updated sword and the shield that they are asking me to make them more things. It’s been so fun creating with Plasti Dip.

I absolutely love that Plasti Dip is peelable, so I can remove it from the plastic toy sword to fix my mistakes or change colors again.

The new Plasti Dip Craft comes in seven colors and three enhancers:

  • Crisp White
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Tin Roof Red
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Midnight Black
  • Gulf Coast Blue
  • Gator Green
  • Glossifier Enhancer
  • Silver Metalizer Enhancer
  • White Pearlizer Enhancer

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From Halloween costumes to holiday decorations, we are inspired to keep creating with Plasti Dip Craft! 

#ad Learn how to give a plastic toy sword a makeover with this tutorial. It'll look awesome for a Halloween costume or pretend play. You can even make a matching cardboard shield using Plasti Dip Craft!

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