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Toddler TV: Sofia the First Review [Video]

We received a copy of Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess (Amazon) to watch and review, which my daughter was happy to do. After we watched it about 4 or 5 times, I asked her to talk about it on camera.

Toddler TV Sofia the First

I’m totally serious. This movie is short (under one hour) so Rissa requested to rewatch it several times in a row. This is actually how I know for sure that she likes a new movie or show. If she doesn’t want to watch it over and over again until it gives me a headache in the first sitting, then it’s not going to get played very often.

Sofia is well liked by my little princess.


In fact, you may have noticed that she is wearing Belle’s outfit from her Disney Princess dress up box (Amazon).

This was Rissa’s first exposure to Sofia the First since we do not have cable. There is a series on the Disney Channel that she would clearly enjoy since she liked the movie. In the movie, Sofia becomes a princess when her mom marries the king. Quickly she must learn the royal ropes as she adjusts to her new life. An insecure step-sister and an evil magician who wants to take over the kingdom cause Sofia trouble. Cinderella pops in for a quick cameo since she knows a thing or two about dealing with step-sisters.

Overall, I thought it was cute and had positive messages about how to treat others and being confident in yourself.