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First Solid Food Today!

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I’m pretty excited to share that Riss ate her first food today! I wish I had a picture, but it was happening and I wasn’t prepared… but I need to document this!

Recently I posted about looking ahead to transitioning to solids. Several commenters shared information about baby led eating which I became interested in.

Rissa is very close to turning 6 months old and has grown increasingly interested in what I’m eating. She’s been grabbing at my plate more, grabbing my water bottle, and moving her mouth. As gross as it may sound, she’s been “chewing” on chunky spit up that’s in her mouth. (I joke that she’s chewing her cud…)

Well, this morning, she grabbed my granola bar and cried when I took it away before it went into her mouth. Since I received a small sample pack of Baby Mum-Mum rice rusks at the KidsFest & Baby Expo over the weekend I figured let’s see what see does with it…

I sat her on my lap and held it out to her. She grasped it and put it promptly in her mouth. She happily sucked on it and moved her mouth about with the soft, dissolving globs on her tongue. She would stop, mouthing the bits and hold it before her. Then she’d tap it against her mouth and nose before sucking on it again.

A few globs were on her chin and bib, but there was very little left by them time she started to bang the rest of what was in her fist against my laptop. She seemed quite happy for eating like a big girl! Guess I should start offering a few things at mealtimes now.

I like how this was not planned at all today. It just… happened.

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