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Stuff My Fluff: Pocket Diapers #clothdiapers #summerfluffin

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We’ve talked about AIOs, covers, prefolds, and fitteds. We can’t forget about pockets, can we? Of course not! If I would have thought about making the following cloth diaper – birth order analogy sooner, those posts would have been in a different order.

Covers, prefolds, and fitteds are kind of like your first born. You’re a little lost, but you make it work. After some getting used to, it’s not so bad and you feel more confident.

Pockets are like the middle child. You know more about what you are doing. Things seem easier and they get away with more.

AIOs are the baby of the family. It’s old hat. You can do this with your eyes closed. They also are spoiled and get everything!

Okay, maybe not really, but I do think Pockets fall in the middle of the cloth diapering spectrum for ease of use. And for getting started. As I previously mentioned, I bought one of each style right away. My very first pocket diaper was a FuzziBunz. I reviewed it for Earth Day, but I have an improved opinion since then. I previously talked about how tight the pocket was, right?

Well, my first two diapers were made in China. I bought two more from Sandbox Lane to get an awesome 2 pack with leggings (yes, I have a reader discount on the sidebar for Sandbox Lane if you are interested!) I was surprised at how… different they were. A bit bigger. The PUL not as sticky. The pocket is not as tight and the inserts seem wider and fluffier. Well, they are now made in Turkey! And I like these better! (Just had to share!)

All stuffed with no where to go.

I’ve been very interested in pockets lately and it’s where my stash has grown quite a bit. In fact, while I was taking stash inventory for the event, I was a bit shocked at just how many pocket diapers I currently own. I know some people don’t like stuffing and unstuffing, but I apparently have a soft spot for pockets.

I could ramble, but it seems like the pros and cons lists are better references, ya?

Pros of pocket diapers:

  • Cute prints (okay, so that’s a pro for pretty much every cloth diaper)
  • Snaps or Aplix
  • Can be sized or one size with adjustable snaps or elastic
  • Can adjust absorbency for your baby’s needs
  • Can use for day, naps, and night!
  • Pocket lining keeps baby’s skin dry
  • Cleans better with separate insert
  • Faster drying (I do inserts in the dryer and shells on the line)
  • Some are made to “unstuff” themselves in the wash
  • You can mix and match inserts – don’t think you only have to use the matching brand insert! This will save some sorting time :)

Cons of pocket diapers:

  • Stuffing them can be time consuming
  • Unstuffing can be icky
  • They can be pricey (but most are a reasonable price for the use you’ll get)
  • You can’t reuse the shell multiple times

Pocket diapers I’ve used: Thirsties, FuzziBunz, Charlie Banana, Bumgenius, Tiny Tush, GoGreen, and Lovely Pocket Diapers.

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And we’ll have, not one but TWO pockets to giveaway tomorrow!

Do you stuff your fluff? What are your thoughts on pockets?

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