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Cloth Diaper Newbie: Day 1

I was so excited to finish laundering my new cloth diapers – preparing them for use. I’ve never been so excited about laundry in my life! And I was so excited when they arrived that I didn’t get a chance to take pictures before laundering them.

I bought a BumGenius (BG) Elemental one size (os) All In One (AIO), a Fuzzibunz (FB) one size pocket diaper, and 2 diaper service quality (DSQ) prefolds with a Thirsties Duo Wrap. Oh, and a Snappi (safer than pins!). I bought all of these from Diaper Junction. (I took advantage of their offer for free shipping)

Bumgenius Elemental OS AIO Blossom

BG AIO – It’s all attached!

We tried them all on Day 1. So we saved 3 disposables so far.

Rissa was in the BumGenius for about 45 minutes before she started crying. I was puzzled.

Fluffy butt!

Well, duh, she was wet!

I’m not used to that, with disposables she’s never cried due to having a wet or dirty diaper. (Kinda sad, really…)

So I changed her into the Fuzzibunz pocket, which I had prestuffed.

We haven’t experienced anything other than wet so far. Neither leaked (but these weren’t super full diapers either). She did nap in the FB for almost 2 hours.

I was a bit overwhelmed by all the snaps at first and referred to the packaging to try and get the rise snapped correctly for her size. I was a bit confused initially when adjusting the elastic in the FB, but after doing it, I think it’s quite a nice way to adjust the fit as needed. Plus, it came with extra elastic for when it needs to be replaced – which is nice!

I failed with my first attempt to use a prefold with a cover. It was horribly wrapped around her and I felt like there was too much going on around her legs. I was afraid it was restricting movement. Major squarebutt! She was also fussing and spitting up during  this time so I took it off and planned to try again later.

Later I did the newspaper fold (trifold like a long rectangle, set it inside the cover and folded down the extra length in the back). This worked but gave her a ginormous butt. I put her into her sleep sack so we didn’t have to mess with her onesie & pants over it! The bulk of the prefold shifted to the left, but stayed put pretty well under the Thirsties Duo Wrap. About 30-45 minutes later she was crying to be changed. She was we-et!

Initial thoughts/observations:

  1. All-in-one and pocket are pretty easy to use
  2. Need to practice with prefolds
  3. Way more bulky than I expected (especially the prefolds)
  4. Rissa and I need to adjust to this new system
  5. I must try more!

So the adventures will continue! I just ordered some more… 1 fitted and another pocket… and used a promo to get a free one size! Yup, 3 for the price of 2. Woohoo!

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