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She’s Walking!

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For months, Rissa has been cruisin’ along the furniture. Shortly after she began pulling herself up to a standing position she was cruising and climbing. It seems like only a few short days ago when she gained the confidence to take one step away… then two… leaving her just out of reach from any support.

She cruised as best she could while stuck in my hospital room all last week. I felt bad because her mobility was limited while I was there.

Shortly after we were home, she surprised us by walking across the living room! Exactly 11 months old and I say she’s officially walking.

No longer hesitating as she looks to step away from whatever she’s resting her hand on. No longer giving up and crawling the rest of the way.

She stoops, bends, and leans over to pick up toys or to regain her balance. She seems almost oblivious to the fact that she’s toddling along on her feet. She’s decently steady on her two legs except when something is in her pathway. Trying to step over and around objects or tripping over them generally disrupts those precious steps.

She’s getting even better at climbing furniture now. I’m impressed, amazed AND frustrated by her problem solving skills!

Supposedly I started walking around 9 months, but I’m not sure if that was more assisted walking or not. Rissa is doing very well unassisted now. Other than cruising, she never really liked being held up to walk.

When did you or your kiddos start walking? When did you officially declare them as walkers? At 1 step? 2 steps? 5? No hands?

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