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Rissa’s Reads: Interactive and Beyond the Basic Rhymes

It seems like not so long ago that I was reading Dr. Seuss books over and over ad nauseam. Sure, we still read some very rhyme-y books and soon Xander will prefer them like young Rissa did. But it’s been interesting to see how her preferences have evolved.

Rissa loves a variety of books. Some have more developed characters, some are characters she knows from her toddler tv shows, some teach and others have more detailed stories.

She’s been really interested in books with interactivity like search and find picture books or lifting flaps. Besides us reading to her, she’s also retelling the stories to us based on pictures and memory. And she’s noticing the words more. She’ll point and ask “what’s this say?” As well as ask what letter different words start with.

toddler girl sitting in chair with book

Get caught reading!

Here are some of the books we are currently reading as we work towards our goal of reading 1000 different books by kindergarten:

Almost anything Yo Gabba Gabba, especially Muno’s Sleep and Dream of Happy Things book and Brobee’s There’s a Party in My Tummy (flaps lift to see what food is inside).

Little Critter books

Berenstain Bears books

Dora and/or Diego themed books

Disney Princess and Blue’s Clues search and find books (okay so not technically reading but it’s matching!)

5 Minute Princess Stories

Pajanimals new book Sweet Pea Sue Makes a New Friend (received for review). This one is fun with reusable cling stickers. This is a newer show to Riss.

baby boy playing with pajanimal plush

Nom nom

And Xander has been playing with a Cowabella Pajanimals Pal which is super cute and soft. Rissa likes to drape it over his back as a cape.

girl  holding up book

Reading is serious business.

The Very Important Preschooler (an I See Me book received for review) Although she hasn’t started formal school yet and we plan to do preschool at home, it’s still a fun book about learning and school time. It’s personalized since it is an I See Me! Book, which Rissa loves. We are practicing spelling and recognizing her name. Though whenever I ask her about spelling her name she sings “S-P-E-L-L … I love to spell!” (Thanks Super Why! Do you have that song stuck in your head again now too? You’re welcome.)

They also have personalized preschool activity books and lunch boxes!

Room on the Broom (received for review) as we get in the spirit of Halloween! Rissa likes the book but finds the movie scary.

We are due for another Goodwill book haul. She gets really excited about new books which makes my heart happy.

What books are your little ones loving right now?

Below are some of the books mentioned in this post on Amazon and is my affiliate link.

Mindy Grant

Sunday 1st of September 2013

I love that she's reading Little Critter and The Bernstein Bears! I loved those books as a kid. We're reading Kayleigh mostly Dr. Seuss right now, and a few others like The Velveteen Rabbit, which makes me cry like a baby every time I read it!

Darcy Zalewski

Tuesday 3rd of September 2013

It's so fun revisiting our childhood favorites with them!